Today in class we read No Medals for Mary. Students were given time in class to complete the homework assignment. No Medals for Mary Homework

The students have a reading quiz worth 50 points tomorrow. Students should study their notes from the class to prepare for the quiz. Students should study their homework and bell ringer assignments to prepare for their test. Students have also been told to bring an AR book to class tomorrow. I will be encouraging the students to take at least one test every other week.

We also reviewed the language homework from last night. The students were informed to study language notes and pages 38-43 to prepare for their language quiz tomorrow. They will also have a spelling test tomorrow on Lesson 8. Spelling pages 29-32 are due tomorrow. Students have been assigned page 43 for homework.


Is your child struggling with Reading or English? Tomorrow I will post practice pages for your child to complete as well as the correct answers for the parents to ensure they are understanding the assignments thoroughly. If they need additional help, do not hesitate to email me. 

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