Bible Verse 

Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever.” 


Lesson 4: 

  1. idea 
  2. niece 
  3. belief 
  4. either 
  5. secret 
  6. money 
  7. reason 
  8. receive 
  9. chimney 
  10. breathe 
  11. enemies 
  12. beaches 
  13. seasonal 
  14. keyboard 
  15. southern 
  16. northern 
  17. decode 
  18. dehydrate 
  19. preseason 
  20. prearrange 

***It is very important that you review your child’s WB (workbook) daily with them.  This will help if they are struggling to understand a particular concept. Workbooks also  can aide as a study guide for any upcoming tests. These WB pages are done daily in class  and then gone over together. I however cannot check each child’s individually, so your  help in this area is vital. On the day of the lesson, if time does not permit, they will be for  homework and we will review them the following day. 

Test Schedule

Monday, September 13th 

Social Studies – Unit 1 test (make sure to go over the study guide given in class) Math – Chapter 1 test (There is a review at the end of chapter 1 in the textbook. We also  did this in class.) 

∙ Math -concepts presented were reading and writing numbers to hundred millions, recognizing  the place value of digits, comparing numbers, identifying odd and even numbers, and  using ordinal numbers. The chapter included the problem-solving skill of estimation 

Tuesday, September 14th

Spelling pretest 

Literature/Reading – Two Big Bears (comprehension of story and vocabulary) 

Wednesday, September 15th 

Language – quiz on commas and punctuation marks (not quotation marks) 

Friday, September 17th 


Bible– Lesson 3 

Science – vocabulary quiz, chapter 1 


***review WB daily for completion and comprehension*** 

Study for upcoming tests 

Check HW folder on Monday (to be turned in on Thursday)

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