April 26-30

By April 22, 2021 Uncategorized, English 8
  • Monday-Wednesday: COMMA FOCUS: Students will put together pre-made foldable of comma rules as a way to review comma rules that we learned earlier this year.
  • They will also complete pages 26-34 of the Grammar III book (the next grade book) to review all functions of the comma. We will use a mixture of class, partner, and independent work to sharpen these skills! [Will need to review FANBOYS.] All of these pages will be emailed to students.
  • Comma test on Thursday.
  • Thursday-Friday: SEMICOLON AND COLON FOCUS: Give students the semicolon and colon pre-test as a pre-assessment (since we covered this material earlier this year). Then, have students take notes on the semicolon and colon by recording the rules on the provided worksheet.
  • Semicolon/Colon Test next Wednesday.

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