April 27- May 3

By April 27, 2020 Mrs. Jamie Glassco

Classwork Suggestions- These assignments are optional and do not need to be turned in weekly.


  • Sign onto Khan Academy
  • Khan Academy 30 minutes per day. Pick something that you have been struggling with or you just need more practice with.


  • Find 5 pages in your Language Workbook and complete the pages.
  • Write a letter to your teacher telling me what you have learned this year and what your favorite things in class were.  Make sure to include all of the components of a friendly letter. check your spelling, and grammar. If you would like to send it you can send it to 108 West Pinewood Dr. Slidell LA  70458. You don’t have to send it but I would love to hear from you. (If you have done this thank you)


  • Literature: Read the rest of Hatchet.


  • Complete wb. pg. 117-120
  • Set aside time each day for prayer and devotion.

Social Studies:

  • I NEED YOUR OUTLINE (this was due in March! Please turn in by Friday!!!)
  • I have assigned a few videos on Khan Academy
  • Work on completing your SS fair paper.  This won’t be due until next school year, but you could get a head start.


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