August 10-14 Assignments

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Friday, 8/14/20: Using your verb chart, begin memorizing verbs for a quiz Wednesday (homeschool option, your quiz would be Friday).

Tuesday, 8/11: Begin memorizing the linking and helping verb chart p. 58 of your workbook (on iPad). Students will have to list all of these verbs on a test on Wed., 8/19.

Friday, 8/14: Quiz on Capitalization Rules. Review pages 8-12 of Grammar II Workbook on iPad.

Wednesday, 8/19: Test on…

  • capitalization rules (p. 8-16, 21),

  • listing helping/linking verbs (memorize the chart on p.58!),

  • types of sentences (p. 22; 57)

  • **Please note: I do not teach diagramming sentences; just labeling them. Although the textbook has diagram examples, I just teach students how to identify parts of the sentence.

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