August 8-12

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Bible verse:  Deuteronomy 6:4 (memorize)

Listen, Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.


Spelling List: Lesson 1

List: 1

  1. led
  2. legs
  3. skill
  4. sniff
  5. stilts
  6. stick
  7. crush
  8. never
  9. block
  10. jacket
  11. tennis
  12. gutter
  13. yellow
  14. pocket
  15. matter
  16. wobble
  17. address
  18. hundred
  19. eye
  20. during

Test Schedule:

Spelling: List 1 (Friday, August 12th)

Bible: Chapter 1 (Friday, August 12th) (open book to learn the format)

Reading: The Jar of Tassai (Friday, August 12th) (open book to learn the format)



Homework: (homework is assigned on Monday and due on Friday) (math homework will be graded) (LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE TAKEN)

  • Reading- Read an A.R. book for 15 minutes each night.
  • Math- All About Me math assignment
  • Study guides- There are no study guides provided by FBCS curriculum for Bible, reading, or English. I will occasionally make study guides as needed.  Science, Social Studies, and Math have study guides provided with the curriculum.


Weekly Focus:

  • Bible- The Trinity, Jesus, the Son of God, Jesus, the Humble Servant, and God’s Holy Word
  • Reading- The Jar of Tassai– story elements (characters, plot, and setting)
  • Math- Place Value: Hundreds place, counting patterns, compare hundreds, ordinal numbers, round to tens and hundreds
  • English- Chapter 1: Journal writing, capitalization and punctuation, synonyms and antonyms, word analogies
  • Science- Chapter 1 Ecosystems: 1 vocabulary- prey, food chain, consumer, decomposer, scavenger, predator


Meet the Teacher

Dear Parents,
Hello! My name is Mrs. Kidder and I am very excited to be
your child’s third grade teacher this year. School is a very
special place to learn new things and help you to reach your
goals. My favorite thing about First Baptist Christian School is
that students always work hard, try their best, and develop
their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
A little bit about me….. I have been a teacher for an
amazing eleven years and I am very blessed to be at First
Baptist Christian School. I have experience teaching many
grades and I always bring a little piece of knowledge to create
the most positive, engaging, and creative learning
A little bit about my classroom……. I will teach your child
Bible, ELA, reading, math, science, and social studies. I believe
that communication is the key to a successful parent/teacher
This is going to be a wonderful school year and I am
looking forward to our learning adventure together!
Mrs. Kidder

Your student will be assigned their agendas, textbooks, and
workbooks for the year. Below I have listed what your student will
receive for each subject:
Bible – Purposeful Design Grade 3 Edition Workbook
Science – Purposeful Design Science Level Three Second Edition
Math – Purposeful Design Mathematics Grade 3 Second Edition
Social Studies – Houghton Mifflin Louisiana Studies Textbook
Spelling – Purposeful Design Spelling Grade 3 Workbook
Literature – Mosdos Press Literature Opal Textbook AND Workbook
English – Shurley English -English Made Easy Level 3 Textbook
Please cover the textbooks!
Your child’s conduct grade will be posted on Headmaster. In our
classroom, we have a conduct chart with clips. I will send home a
conduct chart for you to sign acknowledging your child’s behavior for
the day.
The students will have an opportunity to eat a snack as long as my
classroom stays clean and free of snack trash on the floor, however,
please send snacks that are not high in sugar, especially candy. Also,
please be sure that the snack is a finger-food and does not require
eating utensils.
Please remember that if you send party invitations to school, each
child in our class must receive one. Treats can be brought to the


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