Bible Comic Project

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Bible Project

Comic on Events Surrounding Christ’s Birth

List of Events:

  1. Angel appears to Zechariah in the temple
  2. Zechariah becomes mute because of his lack of faith
  3. Elizabeth becomes pregnant
  4. Angel appears to Mary
  5. Mary visits Elizabeth
  6. John the Baptist is born
  7. Zechariah becomes unmute
  8. Angel appears to Joseph
  9. Jesus is born
  10. An angel appears to the shepherds
  11. The shepherds find Christ
  12. Herod sends the wise men
  13. Mary, joseph and Jesus flee to Egypt
  14. Herod decrees for all male children under the age of 2 to be killed
  15. Mary, Joseph and Jesus return to Nazareth


  • Due October 1, 2020
  • Create a comic book/strip that includes all of the events surrounding Christ’s birth that are listed above.
  • ALL events must be included and must be in order!
  • Your comic must have a title page that says “Events Surrounding Christ’s Birth” by “Your Name” (or if you are feeling creative you can come up with your own title that means the same thing)
  • Stick figures are acceptable
  • Be creative and take your time (I can tell if you rushed through it or really spent time making it nice)
  • Project is worth 100 Points

Grading Rubric:

Each event is worth 5 points each Total of 75 points
Title page is worth 5 points Total of 5 points
Creativity is worth 10 points Total of 10 points
Neatness is worth 10 points Total of 10 points
  Overall Total of 100 points

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