Bible Lesson 1 Study Guide

Study Guide                                         

Bible  Lesson 1:  God’s Word Is True       Name ______________________________

Memory Verse-  Romans 15:4   “For whatever was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that we may have hope through endurance and through the encouragement from the Scriptures.”  CSB

  1. General revelation means that God reveals Himself to people through nature.
  2. Special revelation means that God reveals Himself to people through the Bible and the life of Christ.
  3. No one can rightfully say that he or she has had no knowledge of God. All people see God’s general revelation in nature and sense their need for Him within themselves, or through their conscience.
  4. God chose to communicate His truth to people because of His great love for them.
  5. Truth is defined as fact or reality.
  6. God chose to reveal Himself in order to bring salvation to all people through a personal relationship with Jesus.
  7. The Old Testament’s message presents who God is (His Person, the Messiah), His plan of salvation, and His principles for living.
  8. Christians should study God’s Word for its teaching, rebuke or to stop,  correct or right way, and training in righteousness.
  9. God gives principles to live by to help people make wise choices.
  10. Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden by lying. He twisted God’s Word so that she would sin
  11. Even though Adam and Eve allowed sin to enter the Garden of Eden, God planned for a savior.
  12. Abel’s sacrifice was accepted because it was offered in faith. He had a proper heart response.
  13. Cain’s offering was rejected because he did it with a wrong heart and it came from his own labor of tilling the ground.
  14. Cain was a farmer. Abel was a shepherd, a herder of sheep.
  15. Abraham started a new nation with a promise of a new son and a blessing.
  16. God urged Cain to repent of murdering his brother. Because Cain refused to repent, he had to leave the presence of the Lord and received a mark for protection. The mark also brought shame.
  17. People have regularly responded to God’s goodness by rebelling and sinning against His truth.
  18. The flood destroyed wickedness but a rainbow showed God’s love to Noah.
  19. God rescued the Jews out of slavery with power and a new leader, Moses.
  20. Yielding to God’s love and acknowledging that God’s plan is best is a way to minimize jealousy. This brings contentment.
  21. God’s redemptive plan can be seen in the lives of Bible characters written about in the Old Testament.
  22. People have responded to God’s love and goodness by accepting God’s love and becoming a part of His family, ignoring the truth and going out on their own, and hiding their sin and turning away from God. 

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