December 5-9, 2022

By December 4, 2022 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

December 5-9, 2022

Study Guide Bible Lesson 15: Ruth Is Loyal

Memory Verse: Ruth 1:16 – But Ruth replied: Don’t plead with me to abandon you or to return and not follow you. For wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you live, I will live; your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.

  1. Even during their own suffering, Horacio Spafford and his family showed the love of Jesus to everyone around them.
  2. Horatio Spafford wrote the lyrics to “It Is Well with My Soul.”
  3. Naomi’s husband and her two sons died. Ruth’s and Orpah’s husbands were the sons of Naomi.
  4. Orpah returned to her Moabite family after the death of her husband.
  5. Ruth stayed devoted to Naomi and put her faith in Naomi’s God-the God of Israel.
  6. Loyalty is the character trait of demonstrating faithfulness and devotion to someone or something, regardless of the circumstances.
  7. Ruth showed a servant’s heart when she faithfully gleaned in the fields every day. Ruth demonstrated faithfulness when she said that Naomi’s God would be her God.
  8. Ruth was genuine and sincere in her relationship to others.
  9. Jewish law required Israelite farmers to leave behind whatever fell from the harvest, so that the fatherless and widows could glean, or gather, the grain for food.
  10. Boaz was a wealthy relative of Naomi’s husband.
  11. Boaz was a man of great character. His kindness, faithfulness, and graciousness showed that he was loyal to both God and his family.
  12. Boaz did many kind things to help Ruth while she gleaned in his fields
  13. Naomi told Ruth of a way to communicate to Boaz that she was willing to marry him.
  14. Ruth responded by telling Naomi she would do everything Naomi had directed, then boldly obeyed at the threshing floor.
  15. In response, Boaz accepted her request and selflessly told her there was a relative closer than he was, but if the other man did not perform the duty, he would. He carefully protected Ruth’s reputation, allowed her to stay and rest until morning, and sent her home with food.
  16. Providence refers to God’s divine guidance, care, or provision.
  17. A kinsman-redeemer is defined as a male relative who was willing to marry and care for a widow of one of his family members. He was also allowed to buy back land that a relative had sold.
  18. When Boaz redeemed Elimelech’s land, he also redeemed Ruth, and she became his wife.
  19. God blessed Boaz and Ruth with a son named Obed.
  20. Boaz and Ruth became the great-grandparents of King David.
  21. Jesus was a descendant of Ruth and Boaz.
  22. Jesus is every person’s Kinsman-Redeemer. Remaining fully God, He became a human being, bought sinners back from enslavement, and redeemed lives from hopelessness and death.

Spelling Lesson 16

sensible – showing good judgment; wise

pleasant – agreeable; enjoyable

obedient – willing to obey; compliant

entrance – a way of getting in; a door; entry

important – valuable in content or relationship; significant

convenient – easy to get to; accessible

difference – a constant between two people or things

intelligence – ability to learn

reasonable – not extreme or unusual; logical

deliverance – a rescue

comfortable – enjoying contentment; cozy

indestructible – not able to be destroyed or ruined

atoll – a circular coral reef that surrounds an island and a lagoon

polyp – a young, single coral

skeletal – resembling a skeleton

barrier – 1. type of coral reef that lies parallel to a coastline with a lagoon between the reef and the shore 2. Something that blocks or hinders movement

calcium – a silver-white metallic element

tropical – relating to a region that is very warm, frost-free, and has sufficient moisture

nutrients – nourishing substances

exclaim – to speak or call out loudly


Test Schedule

Spelling Pretest – No spelling pretest this week

Bible: Chapter 14 – TestTuesday, December 6, Samson Chooses Unwisely (Study Guide posted last week)

Reading Tests – Vocabulary and Story comprehension Friday, Dec. 9

Spelling Definition Test – Thursday, December 8

Spelling Word Test – Friday, December 9

Read and Comprehend Cold Reads – Friday, December 9

 Bible: Chapter 15 – Test Monday, December 12 – Ruth is Loyal

Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework. (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests!

Read AR book for 20 minutes each night.


Weekly Focus December 5-9, 2022

Bible – Chapter 15 – Ruth Is Loyal

Literature – One Throw

English – Pronouns

Math – Chapter 4 1-Digit Divisors

Science – Chapter 4 Ecological Succession

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