FBCS Visual & Performing Arts Department

By January 31, 2020 Mrs. Linda Vicknair

The goal of The Visual & Performing Arts Department at FBCS is to promote student success and achievement in the arts and other curriculum areas. Art, Music and Theater should be a part of every students’ life because it enriches the learning experience and allows for discovery and problem solving. Involvement with the arts contributes to the development of lifelong skills such as creative thinking, making informed judgments, and developing discipline.  Students in the arts develop a sense of perception and visual awareness; creative expression through the use of media, tools and techniques; ability to discuss and understand various historical and cultural heritages; and a confidence in interpreting and evaluating their own art works and the art of others using the art criticism process.

Above all else, the arts develop a sense of awareness of how great and amazing is our Creator – and the understanding that they are fearfully and wonderfully made; that all of creation was made with order and a purpose, and that our ultimate purpose in life is to give God the glory for all that we are.  This is the ultimate goal of the FBCS Visual & Performing Arts Department.

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