February 21-25

By February 18, 2022 Ms. Jaslyn Bright

Good Afternoon Parents,

This is our last week until Family Break. Since this is our last week before the break it is a big test week for the class. Be prepared for lots of review sheets being sent home. I will do my best to get all of the reviews out to you guys by Monday. However; I will not go over the review with the students until the day before the test. We  will be finishing our class novel Tuck Everlasting on Wednesday, so I will be sending a permission slip home Monday, so we can watch it as a class. We have a small project due Friday that is worth 100 points and Friday is also Dr. Seuss day. In this email I will attach the assignments for the project, spelling words, and videos to help with the language test.


Memory Verse: James 1:5





Math: Finish Workbook page 142-144

Language: semicolon worksheet

Spelling: Pretest/ 5 times each/



Math: Finish worksheet

Language: Finish Underlining worksheet

Social Studies: Review

Reading: Review and Vocabulary

Spelling: sentences



Math: workbook page 145-147

Language: Review

Reading: Test on Wimberly

Spelling: definitions



Math: Review

Language: Test

Social Studies: Test

Spelling: spelling tree



Bible: Test

Math: Test

Spelling: Test


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