February 22-26

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VIRTUAL ASSIGNMENT (2 Days): Students will choose either Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, or the Nurse and complete a body biography worth 40 points. This is a characterization activity that requires students to provide 6 elements of characterization and provide textual evidence to support their elements.


  • We will complete motif chart rows for Act 4 with partners. This will help students review for test on Act 4 tomorrow.
  • Begin Juliet’s “Dagger” Soliloquy. This activity requires the teacher to guide students through a close reading of Juliet’s soliloquy, complete with annotations and guided reading questions.
  • Test on Act 4 on Tuesday, 2/23.
  • We will then finish reading play as a class.
  • We will complete motif chart with partner for Act 5.
  • Complete character chart for Act 4-5. This will allow students to prepare for Act 5 test.
  • Test on Act 5 later in week.
  • Begin final essay composition by introducing prompt (how a MOTIF in Romeo and Juliet helps create a theme).
  • The essay will be due toward the end of review week as a final review for the exam, which will be on the Shakespeare Notes + the whole play Romeo and Juliet.

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