February 22-26

By February 12, 2021 English II

Virtual School Assignment (2 Days): Students will choose from one of four characters from Oedipus Rex or Antigone (Jocasta, Oedipus, Antigone, or Ismene) and complete a body biography worth 40 points. This is a characterization activity that requires students to provide 6 elements of characterization and provide textual evidence to support their elements.

Week 7

  • Students will read Episode 5 of Antigone as a class (rest of play; p. 49-62).
  • We will take a Quiz on Episode 5 as summative assessment on Wednesday, 2/22.
  • Students will complete one full ACT English practice test. I score scantrons for completion and see how students did compared to first composite score.
  • In order to prepare for culminating essay, we will do a real-world connection to Tiananmen Square and Christian martyrs. First, we will discuss Tiananmen Square. We will watch a video on this event and complete graphic organizers.
  • After completing the Tiananmen Square connection, the class will read the stoning of Stephen from Acts 7 as well as the account of Jim Elliot’s death. We will also watch the clip from the movie End of the Spear of Elliot and his fellow missionaries dying. TTW then lead students in a discussion about how Antigone, Tiananmen Square, and Christian martyrs work together to demonstrate a theme.
  • The essay will need to be 3 full pages and will be due toward the end of review week as a review of the entire unit. Students should expect the full play Antigone, full play Oedipus Rex, and their Sophocles notes to be on their exam.

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