February 22-26

By February 12, 2021 English III

Virtual Assignment (2 Days): Students will read Laura Hillenbrand’s award-winning memoir “A Sudden Illness.” ANNOTATIONS ARE NOW NOT REQUIRED. Then, for Day 2, students will write a paragraph explaining what Hillenbrand’s exigence may have been for writing Unbroken.

 Week 7

  • On Monday, students will have one last class day to work on WWII essays. WW2 essays due Wednesday, 2/24!
  • We will then read, discuss, and take assessments on Ch. 29-31 of Unbroken (2 class days).
  • I will go over presentation requirements (this research/presentation unit is designed to prepare students for senior project next year). We will have 2 class days to work on presentations. TTW will assist students in making sure presentation presents research without being overwhelming, citations are done correctly, etc.

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