February 6-10, 2023

By February 3, 2023 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

February 6-10, 2023

Study Guide                                         

Bible Lesson 21: David Sins

Memory Verse: Psalm 51:10 God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

  1. David’s sins included covetousness, immorality, deception, and murder.
  2. David broke the first of the Ten Commandments when he put his lustful desire for Bathsheba ahead of his love and devotion to God.
  3. It took courage and great faith in God for the prophet Nathan to confront King David about his sin.
  4. Nathan spoke the words You are the man! At the end of his parable, and David was convicted of his sin.
  5. David confessed, acknowledging he had sinned against the Lord. God granted him forgiveness.
  6. When God convicted David, he became very aware of his sin and was desperate for God’s mercy. He confessed his wrongs and requested forgiveness with a humble and repentant heart.
  7.  Convict means to convince of error or sin. When the Holy Spirit convicts, He is working to convince a person of his or her sin.
  1. Consequence refers to a result or an effect.
  2. Some of the consequences that God said David would suffer included that the sword would never depart his house, there would be adversity in his home, David’s wives would be given to another, and David and Bathsheba’s first child would die.
  3. As a man after God’s heart, David quickly went to God in favor as well as in failure.
  4. David requested inner changes from God, including a clean heart, a steadfast spirit, restored joy and praise, and deliverance from guilt.
  5. Believers should not try to hide their sins, but instead they should confess and turn away from their sins. Then they will receive mercy.
  6. Every person needs the forgiveness that only Jesus Christ offers, whether his or her sins are great or small.
  7. After confessing sin, a forgiven person’s response to God should be worship and thanksgiving.
  8. Justice is what a person deserves; mercy is kindness or compassion a person has not earned and does not deserve.
  9. Believers might be tempted to take God’s mercy for granted by continuing to sin.
  10. Once people have obtained mercy, they should respond to God’s mercy through renewed obedience to Him and by forgiving others.
  11. The mark of a true believer is the power to choose righteous living, a desire for a clean heart, and the readiness to show mercy to others by forgiving them.
  12. God’s mercy is never ending. He chooses to forgive and forget sin – as far as the east is from the west.


Spelling Lesson 22

compress –  to squeeze or press together

compound –  composed of two or more things together

concave –  curved or rounded inward; with a curved or inward shape

configure – to arrange, design, or set up something for a specific purpose or in a particular way

conversed – to have spoken or exchanged thoughts in a conversation

conforming –  agreeing; complying

design –  decorative pattern; plan

detour –  a variation from the direct route or normal course of action

deactivate – to make something inactive or ineffective; to reverse activation or effectiveness

discount – reflecting a reduced price

discovery –  the process of learning or finding something; recognition

dissatisfied – not satisfied or pleased; disappointed

scales – flat, round, and rigid covering plates

marine – relating to the sea

fisheries – businesses that sell, harvest, or process fish

seafloor –  the floor of a sea or an ocean

cartilage – a strong elastic tissue

streamlined – contoured

membranes –  layers of tissue that are soft and thin

illuminate –  to make , supply, or brighten with light; light up


Test Schedule February 6-10, 2023

Spelling Pretest – No spelling pretest this week

Bible: Chapter 20 (David Is Confident in God) Test – Tuesday, February 7

Reading Tests – Vocabulary and Story comprehension Friday, Feb. 10

Spelling Definition Test – Thursday, Feb. 9

Spelling Word Test – Friday, Feb. 10

Read and Comprehend Cold Reads – Friday, Feb. 10


Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework. (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests!

Read AR book for 20 minutes each night.


Weekly Focus February 6 – 10, 2023

Bible – Chapter 21 – David Sins

Literature – How to Bring Up a Lion

Language – Using Modifiers Well

Math – Dividing Decimals

Social Studies – Native Americans

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