February 7-9th

By February 4, 2022 Ms. Jaslyn Bright

Good Afternoon Parents, 


Happy Friday!! The presentations for social studies were amazing. This week we only have a few tests. Test folders will be sent out on Tuesday. Please make sure that you are signing them. Also, we are halfway through these nine weeks, which means AR for this nine weeks are almost done.  Last thing, Friday the 11th is our 50’s day and I can not wait to see the different outfits that your kids will wear. 


Memory Verse: Psalm 51:10 





Spelling: 5 times each 

Bible: workbook page 81

Math: workbook page 131-133

Language: Study the Review 



Spelling: define spelling words

Math: Finish math worksheet 

Language: Test

Reading: study (be on the lookout for flashcards)

Social Studies: Review 



Spelling: Spelling tree 

Reading: Test 

Math: workbook page 133-136



Bible: Review (be on the lookout for flashcards)

Math: Worksheet on Measuring circles completed 

Spelling: Spelling tree

Social studies: test 



Bible: Test

Spelling: Test 


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