February 8-12

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Last week we turned in rhetorical analysis essays and began our adjective unit. This week, we will continue our adjective unit with a quiz mid-week and test on 2/23.

  • Monday we will continue adjective clauses [building on our knowledge of dependent clauses], p. 219-221. We will complete these pages with class examples, partner work, and finally independent work. All work will be checked in class.
  • Wednesday, 2/10: Students will have a quiz on identifying infinitive phrases, prepositional phrases, participial phrases (all functioning as adjectives), and adjective clauses. They will simply need to underline the phrase or clause, write the noun it is modifying, and write whether it is functioning as a prepositional, participial, infinitive phrase, or adjective clause.
  • After our quiz, we will start misplaced modifiers on p. 222-223.
  • Using page 224-227, we will introduce comparative adjectives.
  • End of week: Review for test Tuesday, 2/23, on adjective phrases, adjectives clauses, misplaced modifiers, and comparative adjectives.

 Virtual Assignment (2 Days): Students will read the poem “This World” by Mary Oliver independently and annotate for 4 instances of imagery. Then, students are required to answer 2 discussion questions about the poem. This will prepare them to complete Day 2’s assignment, which requires students to write a paragraph response explaining how the use of imagery helps Oliver demonstrate a theme. Students must end the paragraph with a Christian worldview. This assignment is due by Monday, 2/22, after Family Holiday.

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