February 8th-12th

By February 5, 2021 Uncategorized, English III
  • This week, students will continue writing their WWII essays. By the beginning of this week, students should have at least their intro and body paragraphs 1-2 complete. The teacher should be checking progress and ensuring students are paraphrasing, quoting, and citing correctly.
  • I will allow two class days for research essay workshop (Tuesday and Thursday). On these two days, students should be compiling their research into full essays (regular students 4 full pages, honors students 6 full pages). I will continue to go over requirements for number of parenthetical citations needed, reminders on balancing paraphrased and quoted material, etc.
  • We will also Read Ch. 25-30 of Unbroken aloud as students follow along. Each reading day, students will discuss and take assessments on the previous day’s reading as a summative assessment/comprehension check.

 Virtual Assignment (2 Days): Students will read Laura Hillenbrand’s award-winning memoir “A Sudden Illness” and annotate it for any of her life that may serve as exigence for her book Unbroken. Then, for Day 2, students will write a paragraph explaining what Hillenbrand’s exigence may have been for writing Unbroken. This has been emailed to students and is due by Monday, 2/22.

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