February 8th-12th

By February 5, 2021 Uncategorized, English IV
  • We will spend two days this week preparing for senior project presentations (final reflections, portfolios), including finishing up practice (graded) presentations.
  • SENIOR PROJECT PRESENTATIONS ARE ON THURSDAY! Everything, including portfolio and product, is due!
  • We will read p. 115-148 of Beowulf. Informal discussion throughout.
  • Students will take a reading quiz on p. 115-148 of Beowulf as a summative assessment/reading comprehension check.

 Virtual Days (2 Days): Students will be required to write a 2 full page story that illustrates the first four steps of the hero’s journey: The Call to Adventure, Supernatural Aid, Crossing of the First Threshold, and the Belly of the Whale. Students must highlight each section of the hero’s journey in a specified color and submit to me on Google Docs. This has been emailed to students and is due Monday, 2/22.

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