Fourth Nine Weeks

By March 8, 2021 Reading 8, Mr. Logan Dorn
Below I have added three attachments for the fourth nine weeks. The first is the Fourth Nine Weeks Breakdown. The purpose is to detail when quizzes will be and what will be on each quiz. The final will be all four quizzes composed together and the vocabulary quizzes will be every other week as well. Starting tomorrow, the students will receive 10 vocabulary words and will be tested on them the following week.  I hope you find this to be helpful. The quizzes will come from the notes given next week.
The next attachment is the poetry packet assignment, worth 125 points due on May 10, 2021. I have detailed what each assignment needs and should cover. The students will have time in class every Friday to work on this assignment. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I wanted this to be given out early to encourage all students to turn in great work.
The last attachment is the poetry recital assignment, worth 50 points. The students have 7 weeks to memorize a poem of their choice. Must be at least 10 lines, no more than 50 lines. They must submit the poem of their choice to me by March 26th for approval.
If you have any questions, please email me. If you need any additional clarification, please email me as well.

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