Homework 9/1/2020

Students should study their study guide for Look Back at The Sea and Stolen Day as their test is tomorrow. I will post the correct answers on Google Classroom at 6pm.

Students should finish their creative writing assignments. They will have a language test on Thursday.


  • Gwen Clement says:

    Milon is having difficulty in keeping up w necessary notes for English as handwriting is hard for him to keep up with writing them quickly n efficiently. would there b a possibility of giving him a Xerox copy of them? Also how do i have him access the answers on google classroom. All help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tiauni Julien says:

      I upload the notes to Google Classroom under materials. Tomorrow I will make sure that all students have the notes they need for English and I will upload notes for the midterm over the weekend on Google Classroom. He is more than welcome to type his notes if he prefers

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