Homework 9/21/2020

The students just completed their fifth reading test today. They do not have reading homework tonight. If the students want a head start on tomorrow’s class, they can take a glance at This Fam for Sale.


  • Elizabeth Behrens says:

    Ms Julien, I understand from Jacob that he did not complete a reading assignment last night (Tuesday the 22nd). Is there anyway i can be sure what his assignments are every night so i make sure he does them? There was nothing on the teacher’s page for the night of the 22nd so, i did not realize he had anything due. We will complete it for you tonight if you will accept it tomorrow. Thanks,

    Elizabeth Behrens

    • Tiauni Julien says:

      Yes, I normally put the 8th graders homework on Google Classroom. Today I provided them all with questions to answer for class tomorrow.

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