Homework 9/3/2020

Reading- students are creating their study guide for their reading midterm on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Their midterm will cover: Phoebe and the General, The Wounded Wolf, Across Five Aprils, The Race, Dear Miss Veloshin, The Story of Iqbal Masih, and The Great Detective.

Tomorrow students will be given the vocab words they need to study for the midterm.


English- The creative writing assignment is due TOMORROW!! I have told the students I will NOT accept the assignment late, as they were informed of the assignment on August 27, 2020. If the student is absent, I expect the assignment the day they return. All of my students are aware of this assignment and its due date. It is worth 50 points.

Students should also study for their spelling test tomorrow. Spelling pages 9-12 are due tomorrow.

Students will also have a midterm for English which will cover: the four types of sentences, simple sentences, subjects and verbs, compound subjects, compound verbs, compound sentences, and sentence diagraming.

We will be reviewing in Reading and English for the next few days to ensure the students are prepared for the test. The midterm is worth 100 points.

Please remind your children to read books and take AR test. AR is 100 points as well and will be input on headmaster that last week of the nine weeks.

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