Hurricane Make Up Days- Virtual Days

By February 3, 2021 Mrs. Amanda Swanson
Dear Parents:
    Please read this whole email. We are going to be two days short this year because of having to take so many hurricane days. In order to make this as PAINLESS as possible, here’s the plan:
  • We will take two virtual days (meaning at home) during the Family Holidays/Mardi Gras Holidays
  • BUT the teachers will go ahead this week and assign two assignments in Core Subjects only  (Math/English/ELA for grades 1-8 /Science/Social Studies)
  • Students will have this weekend, next week, or if you choose, the actual holidays to complete these assignments
  • Students may turn the work in by next Friday, February 12th, and not have to do any work over the holidays
  • OR they can turn in the assignments on Monday, February 22nd.
     We were hoping not to have to make up any days, but since we do, we hope this will be an easy solution. Thank you so much!
Ms. Nelson

Mona Nelson

First Baptist Christian School
4141 Pontchartrain Drive
Slidell, LA 70458
fax 985.641.9205


Virtual School Day 1

Language- Complete Workbook Page 258 Remember A- Think C


  1. Write Justin Lebo Vocabulary words and Definitions in your reading notebook.

Vocabulary Words: battered, passion, realign, tooling, semicircular, pirouettes, interchangeable, proposal, gingerly, inspired

  1. Complete Workbook Pages 78-79

Math- Complete Workbook Pg. 372 #1-15. The students may use a calculator on #8-9 and 15.


  1. Read Pg. 466-471
  2. Copy The Branches of Government Chart on pg. 471 into your notebook.


  1. Read pg. 154-156
  2. Draw and label the picture of the heart on pg. 156


Virtual School Day 2

Language- Complete Workbook  Page 259 Think D-Think F


  1. Read Pg. 266-267
  2. Answer the Think About It Questions on Pg. 286 #1-3. The student must write the question and the answer.

Math- Complete Workbook Page 373 #16-21 and #25-35. They may use a calculator on #25-35 if need be.


  1. Read pg. 476-481.
  2. Complete the Performance Activity on Pg. 481 in your notebook. (Must be in letter format. The body doesn’t need to be more than one paragraph.)


  1. Read Pg. 157-159.
  2. Draw and label the diagram of blood at thee bottom of pg. 158 in your notebook.

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