January 11-15 Assignments & Assessments

By January 8, 2021 Uncategorized, English III

This week, we will continue our Unbroken unit.

–Wednesday, 1/13: Annotated Bibliography for WWII Essay due, printed. Remember, regular students need 4 sources, honors students need 6 sources.

–We will continue reading Unbroken this week (we are currently in the middle of Ch. 4). Students should expect some reading to be completed at home, and we will have reading quizzes throughout the week.

–HONORS: Monday, 1/11, students will have a quiz on Ch. 47-52 (p. 298-329) of Great Expectations.
Tuesday, 1/19 (after MLK holiday): Quiz on Ch. 53-56 (p. 330-361) of Great Expectations.

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