Bible verse quiz – Friday

Spanish Bible Verse I can do all things through Christ print image 0

Basic greetings quiz – Friday

Spanish-speaking country project due January 19th

Supplies needed:

  • Loose-leaf paper – I will collect all bellwork and exercises done in class on loose-leaf at the end of each class
    • Bellwork and classwork is counted for a grade each day
  • Binder or folder to keep all handouts and notes organized

Lesson 1-2

  • Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:
  • Correctly pronounce and use several basic greetings in Spanish
  • Correctly pronounce and use introduction questions and responses in Spanish
  • Compose basic conversations utilizing Spanish greetings and introductions
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Follow classroom directions in Spanish

Monday: Introduction to classroom rules, grading breakdown, about me, introducing themselves 

  • Introduction to the semester
  • Translating common greetings
  • Speaking practice using common greetings and closings

Tuesday: Titles for married and unmarried people, greetings specific to different times of the day

  • Core practice worksheet page 1
  • Señor, señora, señorita
  • Profesor, professora

Wednesday: Sub-Day

Review on common greetings

  • Task card translations
  • Practice writing a short, greeting dialogue
  • Review word search
  • Students were sent a sheet to help them throughout the semester with common and popular Spanish words

Thursday: Going over sub work, how are you, what is your name, my name is 

  • Speaking practice asking “What is your name?” and responding “My name is…”
  • Speaking practice – greetings for different times of the day
  • Exercise 1-3 page 3

Friday: Tú vs usted 

  • Informal and formal you
  • How to greet elders, people of higher authority vs greeting friends and people your age
  • Core practice workbook page 2
  • Reading dialogue practice – meeting someone new page 4

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