January 18 – 22, 2021

By January 14, 2021 January 18th, 2021 Ms. Christie Stadler


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL – Monday, Jan. 18th.

Scholastic Book Orders – If you order books from the Scholastic Book order forms that I send home, we earn bonus points that I can use to purchase more books for our classroom library.  You can send in the order forms with a check, or you can order yourself online.  Our classroom “activation code” is HDL7R.  Thanks!

Monday:  no school

Tuesday:  teacher

Wednesday:  Mesha
Thursday:  Braylen
Friday:  Bobby

TESTS AND HOMEWORK – JAN. 18 – 22, 2021
Tuesday –
Wednesday – Reading Comprehension; Language Chap. 8 (see below)

Thursday – Phonics – write blends, write the special sound in words, circle special sounds in words, words from Spelling List 15; Spelling Test on Spelling List 15
Friday – no Bible story test and no memory verse test (see below)

Bible:  Our class is in charge of Chapel for Wed., Jan. 27th.  Because we can’t meet in the sanctuary for chapel the way we used to because of Covid, Ms. Nelson will video our class doing our program (skits, music, praise and worship), and the FBCS Media class will put it together and classes will watch it on the SmartBoards.  I think Mrs. Vicknair puts a link on the school webpage so you can watch it (the way we did with the Christmas program).

Your child will have a script and will need to learn his/her lines for the skits ASAP.  PLEASE HELP YOUR CHILD REMEMBER TO BRING THE SCRIPT BACK TO SCHOOL EACH DAY SO WE CAN PRACTICE AT SCHOOL, TOO.

Phonics/Spelling:  Practice Charts 6 – 11; practice blends and words with special sounds in Handbook for Reading; say short and long vowel words to your child and have him/her sound them out and write them or write the special sounds in them; practice Spelling words every day (have child write words as you dictate them or spell them to you orally).  Use the Handbook by dictating words to your child and having him/her write the special sound(s) in the words OR you can write words and have your child circle the special sounds and mark the vowels.  Send the pages in so I can check them and give your child a coupon for doing extra homework.  10 coupons=prizebox

Spelling List 15 (for this week’s tests) – all, call, fall, ball, tall, small, walk, talk, chalk, baseball, rainfall, sidewalk, cornstalk, your, from

Spelling List 16 (next week’s list) – a, the, come, I, you, of, one, two, what, was, said, have, give, do, to***

***I will also send home a list of all sight words from spelling lists 1-15.  Students need to know these, too.

Language:  Make sure your child knows the difference between common/proper nouns and singular/plural nouns.  Review Chapter Check-up worksheet your child should have brought home on Friday.  They will be classifying sentences and correcting the capitalization and punctuation in sentences.

Reading:  See the Reading Homework calendar for daily reading homework.  I am so happy with the reading skills of our First Graders.  I think AR really helps–we have silent reading (DEAR time) every day, and the kids take AR quizzes.

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