January 19th-22nd

By January 15, 2021 Uncategorized, English IV

This week, we will continue our Beowulf unit and continue working on senior project presentations. This week…

  • On Tuesday, students will have a quiz on p. 29-41 of Beowulf.
  • Students will have two days this week for Senior Project work. All other work must be completed at home.
  • We will work on a comparison chart comparing Campbell’s book to Beowulf.
  • We will Read Joseph Campbell’s “Supernatural Aid” excerpt and complete reading activities.
  • We will read p. 41-69 of Beowulf.
  • MONDAY, 1/25: Product and Presentation for senior project due! Then we will begin practice presentations!
  • Presentations have been moved to Thursday, Feb. 11th.

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