January 3-8 Assignments & Assessments

By January 3, 2021 January 7th, 2021 English 8

Welcome to 2021! 🙂

This week in English 8, we will be turning our focus away from grammar for a bit and to writing. Students will be reading two informational texts and then writing an essay on which writer made their point better. This requires students to 1) analyze an author’s writing and 2) argue for their points of view/opinions.

UPDATE: Students will need to bring their typed essay to school to hand in, PRINTED, on Monday, 1/11. We will be writing this essay almost entirely in class. We will be typing our essays in Google Docs.

The digital copy of the packet is here:

8th Grade Simulation Research Task

At the end of the week, I’ll be introducing types of pronouns. We will be making flashcards as we prepare for a quiz next week. I’ll be using p. 165 of the grammar book for this.

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