January 31st- February 4th

By January 31, 2022 Ms. Jaslyn Bright

I want to start off by saying that your kids did an amazing job on Wednesday for chapel. The only test that we will take next week is Bible, Reading, Math, and Bible. I will send a  review home the day before the test.The kids do not know it yet, but we will have a mini Valentine’s Day Party on February 14, 2022. At the end of this email, I will attach the Social Studies Project guidelines and the spelling words. Last thing, our class needs flashcards. We use a lot of flashcards for reviewing for the test. 


Homework for the Week 


  • Spelling: Write words 5 times each
  • Math: Make sure math Review is done 
  • Bible: Study Memory Verse 



  • Spelling: Define Spelling Words 
  • Math: Review for Math
  • Reading: Review for After School Test 



  • Spelling: Write words in a sentence
  • Math: Test Today 
  • Reading: Test Today 



  • Bible: Review for “David is Confident in God” 
  • Spelling: Spelling Tree



  • Social Studies: Presentation
  • Spelling: Test 
  • Bible: Test 

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