January 9-13

By January 6, 2023 Mrs. Becca Dorn

Homecoming Week:

Monday–Pajama Day–students must wear appropriate pajamas. Appropriate means that the graphics on the pj’s are appropriate for school and that the fit is appropriate. Also, if your child is wearing a nightgown please make sure she has shorts or leggings underneath. Your child needs to wear athletic shoes with his/her pajamas.


Tuesday–Fictional Character Day–again, please make sure the fictional character is appropriate for school. Inappropriate characters like Beavis and Butthead will not be allowed. No Masks, wizards, or witches


Wednesday–Wacky Wednesday–mix it up! Don’t match/wear a wig/look ridiculous! (But appropriate!)


Thursday–Decades Day–dress in the style of your favorite decade!


Friday–1st-6th Graders dress in Super Spirit Day (jeans and spirit shirts/free shoes/spray paint hair but no face paint please!)


Bible Verse— Recite:

Philippians 2:4 Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.

Spelling Words—consonant blends with l, r

glad                        brave                    strange                 become

prize                      crash                     traffic

close                      place                     clothes

threw                    flash                      through

drive                      ground                 seen


Classwork: please do not work ahead

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Spelling p.77 p. 78 p.79 p. 80 Test

Turn in Packet

Cursive p.96

Homework p. 100

p.97 p.98 p.99 Test

Turn in Packet

Bible p. 77 p. 78 p. 79 p. 80 Test

Turn in Packet

Reading p. 183-184 p. 185-186 p. 187-188

p. 189-190 Grade

p. 191-192

Comprehension Test

p. 193-194
Language In Class Writing In Class Writing In Class Writing In Class Writing In Class Writing
Math p. 269-270 p. 271-272 p. 273-274 p. 275-276 p. 277-278
Social Studies Activity 5-6 Activity 7, 9 Activity 11 Activity 13 Parade &

Pep Rally







Speed Drill Speed Drill Reading Comprehension Test

Social Studies Vocabulary Test 2

Spelling Test

Cursive Test

Bible Test

Speed Drill

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