March 10-March 19

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**UPDATE** science chapter 10 test study guide has been posted.

If your student will be returning Wednesday, March 17, please make sure that all of their work that was sent home comes back to school with them on Wednesday. Please do not have work completed ahead of the day that they come back because that is the seatwork that they will be doing in class.


*For social studies, we have been working together to write essays about Abraham Lincoln based on the information that we have been studying about him. This may be difficult to do at home without knowing all of the information that we have been talking about in class. So, for social studies work, please allow your child to write six sentences about Abraham Lincoln. Anything that they can think of will be fine. I will check them when we return to school and they can fix whatever is not correct. Thank you!


*Science will be another difficult subject to do at home because students were supposed to have a test this week so we would usually be playing around the world and other review games using the information that would be on their test. For science, I will be posting a study guide for their chapter 10 test. Please go over this information with them and make sure that they are prepared to take the test on Monday, March 22. I will also be sending home their science packets that they have completed on the chapter. You can go over different terms and concepts from that packet as well.


Wednesday, March 10:

Writing: packet pg. 148

Math: math test 20 and speed drill should be completed. Math packet pages 204-206

Science: Complete BLM 10.6A Bone and Muscle Facts worksheet


Thursday, March 11:

Writing: packet pg. 149

Math: math packet pages 207-209

Science: Complete the worksheet on food groups


Monday, March 15:

Writing: Handwriting test 20

Math: math packet pages 210-212

Science: Review for test (study guide will be under uploads)


Tuesday, March 16:

Writing: packet pg. 150

Math: math packet pages 213-214. Math test 21 and speed drill should be completed.

Science: Review for test (study guide will be under uploads)


Wednesday, March 17:

Writing: packet pg. 151

Math: math packet pages 215-217


Thursday, March 18:

Writing: packet pg. 152

Math: math packet pages 218-220


Friday, March 19:

Writing: packet pg. 153

Math: math packet pages 221-222.


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