March 22-26

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This week we will continue reading Frankenstein! We are reading a LOT, so please make sure you are keeping up with the reading and using summaries online if that will help!

  • On Monday, students will have a reading quiz on Ch. 3-5.
  • The rest of the week, students will be reading A LOT in class in order to finish the novel in such a short quarter! Quizzes serve as summative assessment and accountability for students’ reading.
  • M: Read Ch. 6-8; quiz on ch. 6-8.
  • T: Read Ch. 9-11; quiz on ch. 9-11.
  • W: Read Ch. 12-14; quiz on ch. 12-14.
  • TH: Read Ch. 15-17; quiz on ch. 15-17.
  • F: Read Ch. 18-19; quiz on ch. 18-19.

**REMINDER: Students need to have FAFSA filled out and submitted ASAP! Also, if they want to take the ACT, they need to sign up ASAP.

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