May 3-7

By April 30, 2021 May 3rd, 2021 English 8
  • Monday, May 3rd: Commas quiz part 1. To prepare for this quiz, see the handout that was emailed Friday, April 30th, as well as the comma foldable. The highlighted portions of the foldable are what students will be quizzed on. If students need additional help, have them refer to the worksheets in Notability that we completed this week (Heading is Commas I; some students may have a hardcopy instead of physical copy).
  • This week, we will go over rules for Commas II-III on pages 30-34 of Grammar III book (the next grade book) to review all functions of the commas.
  • Quiz on Commas II-III on Thursday, May 6th. Students can refer to in-class practice and their comma foldable for studying purposes.
  • On Thursday, we will begin our semicolon/colon focus. I will give students the semicolon and colon pre-test as a pre-assessment (since we covered this material earlier this year). Then, have students take notes on the semicolon and colon by recording the rules on the provided worksheet. This material will be on the exam, as well as the comma material.
  • I will provide a mixture of class, partner, and independent work on semicolons/colons worksheet (two days). Use p. 36-37 of Grammar III workbook [This will involve introducing conjunctive adverbs!].

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