Miracles Project

By February 12, 2020 Bible 7

Bible Project: Miracles

Due Monday March 2


Paper Format:

  • ½ page – 1 full page typed
  • Must be double spaced
  • 12pt font
  • Name and date in top left corner
  • Title of paper will be the title of your miracle

What to include in your paper

  • Where the miracle is taking place (if it doesn’t say it in your scripture references then research it)
  • What is going on during the time Jesus performs the miracle (what are people doing, are any events going on during that time, are people gathered together and for what reason are they gathered, is the person alone and why is he alone, etc.)
  • Describe what the miracle is that Jesus performs (Ex: Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and multiplied that food to feed over 5,000 people. Explain that there was a large crowd gathered to hear Jesus preaching and they were all hungry)
  • Describe what happens after Jesus performs the miracle (what are the reactions, how do people respond, what does Jesus say, etc)
  • Close by explaining what we can learn from the miracle Jesus performed

Poster Board:

  • 1 poster board, any color, standard size, any material (get the cheap ones!)
  • Title of your miracle must be large and centered at the top of the board
  • Include the reference of your miracle under the title (it can be smaller than the title)
  • Include details of your miracle on the poster board (what was the miracle, who was involved, what did Jesus do, how did people respond, ect)
  • Include 3-4 pictures of your miracle on the poster board
  • Poster boards can include printed pictures and words or pictures and words done by hand

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