Monday March 23- Wednesday March 25

By March 23, 2020 Bible 7

Hey everyone! Hope all is going well and I hope y’all have been growing a lot in your faith during these crazy times! Remember when we talked about how powerful prayer was? I hope y’all are using some of your extra time to spend in prayer.

You will have two assignments this week. The first one will be due this Wednesday at 3:00pm and the second assignment will be posted Wednesday and due on Friday.

Youe first assignment: Due Wednesday at 3:00

You will need to read lesson 7-1 (pgs. 153-154) in your textbook. After you read the lesson you will need to type a description of each of the four soils mentioned in this lesson. You then will need to tell me which teenager (James, Melanie, Rich, and Tricia) represents which soil.

After you identify the teens, type a brief description of which soil you think represents you and why.

So, you should have a total of three things on your paper before you email it to me. First, the description of four soils. Second, the identifying of the four teens. Third, which soil represents you.

Please email me with any questions you have!

I miss y’all!

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