FBCS offers a Quality Education in a Christian Environment and believes each student can reach his or her full potential with hard work, discipline, and encouragement.  As we prepare our students to be well-rounded, educated individuals, it is our greatest desire to teach our students how to have a personal relationship with the Lord and walk in His righteousness.  We look for staff members willing to join us in our goals.

If you feel the Lord leading you into Christian Education we hope you will fill out and submit an application.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Mona Nelson, Principal

FBCS participates in a variety of Academic Events & Competitions. These provide our students the opportunity to develop their academic skills as well as to grow as individuals.The Student Activities in which FBCS participates are as follows:

  • ASCI Spelling Bee
  • ASCI Math Olympics
  • ASCI Art Festival Competition
  • ASCI Speech Meet Competition
  • Three Rivers Art Festival Competition
  • St. Tammany Parish Fair Essay Contest
  • ASCI Creative Writing Contest
  • SELU Foreign Language Festival
  • Louisiana High School Quiz Bowl

Administration and Office Staff

Ms. Mona Nelson

Mrs. Kim Danna

Dr. Lisa Brooks

Mrs. Vickie Odom

Mrs. Judi Roberts

Mrs. Tristen Wrublewski

Elementary Faculty

Ms. Christie Stadler

Mrs. Aimee Kidder

Ms. Danielle Roberts

Mrs. Amanda Swanson

Mrs. Catherine Moring

Ms. Jaslyn Bright

Mrs. Jessi Pitman

Secondary Faculty

Mrs. Alyson Batten

Mr. Britt Hederman

Dr. Gary Martinez

Dr. Mark Cooper

Mrs. Tammy Jones

Mrs. Sara vanSomeren

Mr. Logan Dorn

Ms. Katelin Lafollette

Mrs. Linda Vicknair

Mrs. Astrid Gambino

Mrs. Kristy LaFollette

Support Staff

Mrs. Michelle Brown

Mrs. Danielle Holly

Mrs. Becky Cook

Mr. Mike Robinson

Mrs. Karen Glasgow

Mrs. Kim Seither

Mrs. Rebecca Hederman

Mrs. Sissy Stubenrauch


FBCS offers a Robotics After School program for our students.  Robotics helps our students develop their computational thinking skills and teaches our students how to solve problems. Through robotics, FBCS students are challenged to use their knowledge to complete specific tasks such as designing and coding rovers and other machines to perform specific functions.  There is an annual Robotics competition to culminate the end of the semester’s after school program.

FBCS has an annual Steam Night for 3rd-6th grade students. This special event provides hands-on opportunities for our students to experiment, explore and understand how scientists use the world around us to imagine new things.

Our students have filled Love Banks with change to a total of $1522 for 2018, with a total collected in the last 2 years of $3703 – outfitting 988 orphaned children! Our students are amazing! Thank you for your compassionate heart!

Share the love of Jesus with a shoe box!  Our school goal this year is 400 boxes.  Help us out!

3 Ways you can help:

  • Fill a shoebox with appropriate items
  • Send $9 to ship a box
  • Pray for the children who will receive the boxes

Pre-order your 2021-2022 Yearbook. Price increase Jan. 1, 2022.  Last day to order is May 31, 2022.

Follow the link below:


2020-2021 Yearbooks still available for purchase: $35 softcover, $40 hardcover


  • Public page: First Baptist Christian School Slidell
  • Private page (for parents/grandparents & teachers only): FBCS Slidell PTF (membership must approved, questions must be answered)

Instagram & Twitter: FBCSLIDELL

Most used hashtags:

  • #fbcsslidell
  • #fbcseagles
  • #fbcseaglessoar
  • #fbcsclassof—-
  • #fbcsfirstgrade, #fbcssecondgrade, #fbcsthirdgrade, etc.
  • #fbcsalumni
  • #bethedifference

Library Schedule

Open daily until 3:30pm

The library will be closed during the week for the following library classes:

Monday: 4th grade 12:30-1:00
Tuesday: 1st grade S 12:30-1:00
Wednesday: 1st grade D 12:30 – 1:00
Thursday: 2nd grade 12:30 – 1:00
Friday: 3rd grade 12:30 – 1:00

Library will also be closed 1:00 – 1:15 every day

AR Home Connect Link
AR Permission Slip 6th-8th

Visit the Local Library’s Site

Did you know— Our Principal, Ms. Nelson is a published author?

Her current book is titled: Rachel’s Journey

This book can be purchased through Amazon.

Ms. Nelson’s book is AR with a book level of 5.8, Points 8.0, Quiz #912.
I highly recommend you check it out!

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First Baptist Christian School
4141 Pontchartrain Drive, Slidell, LA  70458

(Phone) 985-643-3725

(Fax) 985-445-1690


FBCS is accredited through ACSI and AdvancED and open to all students regardless of race, color and ethnic or national origin.

Welcome to First Baptist Christian School.

We are delighted that you are interested in FBCS! 

Homeschool students can choose up to 3 courses from across all academic high school departments.  As part-time students, they can attend afterschool activities and special school events.  We encourage homeschool students to participate in campus life, where they will have the opportunity to make great Christian friends.  They can join sports teams & clubs, participate in Spirit Day and Christian t-shirt days & Homecoming dress-up/down days.  They can also attend class field trips (if enrolled in that class).

High School Grades 9-12 only

Non-Refundable Application Fee $50 (this fee is cash or money order only)

Non-Refundable Tuition/Course Fee   $700 (per student; per-course)

Non-Refundable Technology Fee (Optional)   $300 (per student if using FBCS iPad)

    Options for Tech Fee: You have a choice of supplying a laptop or iPad that will be connected to our school server for books and assignments for daily use or use a school supplied iPad for the year.

AP and Honors courses available as long as student qualifies.

Application for Enrollment Procedures: Enrollment is open to Homeschool students any time during the school year when there is an opening in the course(s) you are seeking.

  • Please fill out the Home school application, submit it with your fee of $50 (cash or money order; non-refundable) to begin the process. An interview will then be set up with Administration for you and your student. Please bring any documentation for 504 plans, IEP’s or specialized test results.
  • Include a copy of each:  Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Immunizations.
  • Parents must have at least one working email for school and teacher communications.
  • Students need to attend iPad boot camp; Parents must attend New Parent Orientation and our regular Parent Orientation
  • Applications may be turned in to the office or submitted via fax (985-445-1690) or emailed to [email protected] 

All students enrolled at FBCS are enrolled on a probationary status. If the Administrator deems the student’s attendance, behavior or academics are detrimental to the school’s overall performance and the issues are not being resolved, the student may be asked to withdraw from FBCS and no refunds of monies paid will be refunded.

Thank you again for your interest in our school.  We look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibility of you and your student joining the FBCS family! We are praying that this program will be a blessing to you and your family!

In His Service,

Mona Nelson

School Principal

HS Enrollment Application

Chris-myth Busters

Ethan has a new brother, Michael. Only Michael’s not quite a cute little bundle of joy. He’s a pretty big kid,,,adopted…and a bit of an annoying trivia buff.  When Michael starts busting some myths about Christmas to Ethan’s friends, it causes quite a stir. Ethan, Lily and Abby begin to wonder: Were there more or less than three Wise Men? Was Jesus really born on December 25th? And what about the angels…did they sing or not? What… No innkeeper? After reading the biblical account of the birth of Jesus, Lily and Abby are still confused. Through it all, Michael learns that even though some facts about the very first Christmas might not be clear, the truth about why Jesus came is everywhere in Scripture.

Choir – all choir members will wear all black

Boys: Long black slacks, black belt, black shoes, black top (short or long sleeved; polo style or button down)

Girls: Long black slacks (black belt if needed) or long black skirt/dress (MUST be BELOW the KNEES), black shoes, black tights/socks, black blouse/shirt (short or long sleeved; NO sleeveless)

Drama Parts:

Mrs. Edwards:  Katie Rose Bean

Lily: Sophia Stang

Abby:  Lily Eady

Ethan:  Ethan Miller

Michael: Liam Jochum

Shepherds:  Gunner Callais, Sophia Garcia, Cam Greenleaf

Wise Men:  Lillian Gadfield, Xan Greenleaf, Hudson Marble, Audrianna White

Angels, Spoken Word (rap): Jordan Aucoin, LaVetra Brown, Karlea Hess, Dax Roberson, Gianna Shattuck

Narrator: Ben Yuratich

Chris-myth Busters Audio Files

Chris-myth Busters (9 songs)


Imagine“:  Mesha Prinz, Ella Murray, Bobby Williams

Where Did Christmas Go?“:  Lucy Ezell

Angel Rap“: Jordan Aucoin, LaVetra Brown, Karlea Hess, Dax Roberson, Gianna Shattuck

What Kind of Child“: Samantha Cure

Abba“: Farrah vanGeffen

God Has Come”:  Emmalin Berns

Dance Auditions Thursday & Friday, October 28 & 29.


“God Has Come”

Chris-myth Busters - lyric sheet
FBCS is “Dually Accredited through ACSI and AdvancED” and open to all students regardless of race, color and ethnic or national origin.
“First Baptist Christian School has an asbestos management plan on site and is available to review.”​