English/Reading 7

05Aug, 21

Parent Letter 2021-22

Here is the link to my parent letter!


Also, here is the link to the Google Calendar.

7th Grade English and Reading



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26Apr, 21


Poetry Quiz Friday 4/30

English Quiz Friday 4/30



Poem Recital is next week! Poem Recital Rubric

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16Apr, 21


Weekly Poem is due Monday 4/19

We are starting a new unit on Monday 4/19.

Vocab Quiz #3 on Thursday 4/22.

Vocab #3

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01Apr, 21


This week we will have a Poetry Quiz and Unit 11 Test on Friday.

The students will receive their study guide for the poetry quiz on April 1st. The students will receive the answers to their homework packet on April 12th so that they can use this as their study guide for the test. However, they can be reviewing the language pages that we have completed thus far over the break to prepare for the test.

On Monday, April 12th, the weekly poem assignment is due.

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28Mar, 21


This week will be starting Unit 11 in language and the students will receive their homework packet on Monday.

Students should anticipate a Unit 11 quiz on Thursday.

We are beginning Poetic Image this week. Students will have their second vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

The vocab that will be on the quiz are: Vocab #2

The first writing assignment is due on Thursday, April 1st.

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20Mar, 21


Monday: Lang Pages 196-200 | Weekly Poem due| Poetic Sound continued

Tuesday: Lang Pages 201-203 | Poetic Sound continued

Wednesday: Review Packet | Poetic Sound continued

Thursday: Unit 10 Review for Test | Poetry Quiz #1 Review

Friday: Writing Prompt #2 Due | Unit 10 Test | Homework Packet due|  Poem submission due for Recital | Poetry Quiz #1 due

These are the vocabulary for Vocab Quiz #2 on April 1, 2021: Vocab #2

Just a reminder: Writing Assignment #1 is due April 1st

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12Mar, 21

March 15-19

First Vocab Quiz is Friday March 19.

Below are the vocab words the students should be studying.

Vocab List #1

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08Mar, 21

Fourth Nine Weeks

Below I have added three attachments for the fourth nine weeks. The first is the Fourth Nine Weeks Breakdown. The purpose is to detail when quizzes will be and what will be on each quiz. The final will be all four quizzes composed together and the vocabulary quizzes will be every other week as well. Starting tomorrow, the students will receive 10 vocabulary words and will be tested on them the following week.  I hope you find this to be helpful. The quizzes will come from the notes given next week.
The next attachment is the poetry packet assignment, worth 125 points due on May 10, 2021. I have detailed what each assignment needs and should cover. The students will have time in class every Friday to work on this assignment. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I wanted this to be given out early to encourage all students to turn in great work.
The last attachment is the poetry recital assignment, worth 50 points. The students have 7 weeks to memorize a poem of their choice. Must be at least 10 lines, no more than 50 lines. They must submit the poem of their choice to me by March 26th for approval.
If you have any questions, please email me. If you need any additional clarification, please email me as well.
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26Feb, 21


Monday: 171-76 in language| Read Chapter 24 Bronze Bow

Tuesday: Language book 176-179| Exam and Test Review

Wednesday: Language book 180-182| Ch. 21-24 Test and Vocab

Thursday: Unit 9 Review | Exam Review

Friday: Unit 9 Test| Exam Review

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12Feb, 21


Monday: Unit 8 Review| Chapter 17-20 Review

Tuesday: Unit 8 Test| Chapter 17-20 Vocab and Test

Wednesday: Unit 9 165-167| Chapter 21

Thursday: 168-170| Chapter 22

Friday: 171-173 | Chapter 23

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05Feb, 21


To convenience my parents, I’ve decided to start posting weekly rather than daily. The following items are for the week of February 8- February 12.

Monday: Chapters 13-16 Vocab and Literary Test| Language pages 153-154

Tuesday: Chapter 17| Language pages 155-156

Wednesday: Language Quiz| Chapter 18| Language Pages 157-158

Thursday: Language Pages 159-160

Friday: Language Pages 161-164| Chapter 20

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03Feb, 21


Today: We read Ch. 14 and diagramed adjective clauses and participles (147 and 150)

Homework: Review Unit 8 for possible pop quiz

Upcoming: Ch. 13-16 Test and Voc Test Monday 2/8

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02Feb, 21


Today: We read Ch. 13| Completed pages 148-149 in language

Homework: #s 8-15 in exercise A on page 149

Upcoming: Unit 8 Quiz on Thursday 2/4 | Chapters 13-16 test on Monday 2/8

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01Feb, 21


Today: Test on Ch. 9-12| Unit 8 notes 144-146

Homework: Study for Unit 8 quiz

Upcoming: Unit 8 quiz on Thursday 2/4

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29Jan, 21


Today: Unit 8 quiz and we read and took notes on Chapter 12

Homework: Study for Chapters 9-12 vocab and lit test on Monday

Upcoming: Chapters 9-12 Literature and Vocabulary Test on Monday 2/1

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28Jan, 21


Today: We read Chapter 11. We reviewed Unit 8 notes and homework.

Homework: None, study for unit 8 quiz tomorrow

Upcoming: Unit 8 Quiz tomorrow!!! Chapters 9-12 Test Monday 2/1

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27Jan, 21


Today: Read Chapter 10 and took notes. Continued Unit 8 notes.

Homework: Finish diagrams on Page 143

Upcoming: Unit 8 Quiz on Friday 1/29| Chapters 9-12 Test 2/1

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26Jan, 21


Today: We read and took notes on Chapter 9. We took notes on Unit 8 and completed pages 138-140.

Homework: Page 140: 1-25.

Upcoming: Unit 8 Quiz Friday 1/29| Chapters 9-12 Vocab and Lit test 2/1

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25Jan, 21


Today: Students took Chapters 5-8 test and vocab. Students began Ch. 8 notes

Homework: Page 137 #’s 8-15 for homework

Upcoming: Unit 8 Quiz on Friday | Chapters 9-12 Test on Monday 2/1

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22Jan, 21


What we did today: Unit 7 language test and the spelling bee

Homework: Study for Chapters 5-8 vocab and literature test on Monday

Upcoming: Chapters 5-8 vocab and literature test on Monday

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21Jan, 21


What we did today: We went over the language test and students were informed they will be retaking the test tomorrow. Continued reading Chapter 7 and started Chapter 8.

Homework: Study for language and reading

Upcoming: Language Retake tomorrow | Chapter 5-8 test and vocab test on Monday 1/25

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20Jan, 21


What we did today: Read Ch. 7 in Bronze Bow and took Unit 7 test

Homework: None

Upcoming: Monday 1/25/21 Ch. 5-8 vocab and literary test

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19Jan, 21


English test tomorrow on Unit 7!!! Students need to study notes and the chapter

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14Jan, 21


What we did today: Ch. 5 notes, AR, Unit 7 130-132

Homework: 131-132 in language

Upcoming: Unit 7 Test 1/20

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13Jan, 21


What we did today: Took Unit 7 Quiz and Chapter 1-4 Test

Homework: None

Upcoming: Unit 7 Test 1/20/21

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12Jan, 21


What we did today: We reviewed Chapters 1-4 for test tomorrow. We reviewed Unit 7 for quiz tomorrow.

Homework: STUDY!!

Upcoming: Test on Chapters 1-4 tomorrow | Unit 7 Quiz tomorrow | Unit 7 Test on 1/20/21

Chapter 1-4 Study Guide

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11Jan, 21


What we did today: Today we took a vocab test on Chapters 1-4. The students wrote down Chapter 5 vocabulary and read Chapter 5. Students completed pages 127-129.

Homework: Students need to complete #s 6-10 on page 129 for homework. Students should study Chapter 5 vocabulary.

Upcoming: Chapter 1-4 test on Wednesday. Unit 7 Quiz on Wednesday.

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08Jan, 21

Bronze Bow Study Guide

Chapters 1-4 Vocab

Chapter 1-4 Study Guide 


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08Jan, 21


In class today we finished Chapter Four.

Students have a vocabulary quiz on Monday. They should study hard as all of the vocab will be on the quiz and it is worth 50 points.

They have their Chapters 1-4 test on Wednesday. They should study all of their notes. On Monday we will do a class review and on Tuesday we will do a brief review.

They also have a Unit 7 quiz on Wednesday which will cover pages 121-129 in their language book. On Tuesday we will review for the quiz and we will have a brief review Wednesday prior to the quiz.

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07Jan, 21


What we did today: Today we read chapter 3 in class and finished the Unit 7 notes.

Homework: None

Upcoming: Chapters 1-4 vocab test on Monday. Chapters 1-4 test on Wednesday. Language Quiz on Wednesday.

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05Jan, 21


We are taking notes on unit 7 in language currently and have began chapter 1 in The Bronze Bow. Tomorrow, we will start Chapter 2.

Students should finish Lesson 1 questions.

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04Jan, 21


Today was great!! Students have no homework tonight.

Students need to have an AR book in class tomorrow!!!

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09Dec, 20


Today we completed the study guide for Language Unit 6 Study Guide

Unit 6 test on Friday

Tomorrow students will receive language study guide for the final. The language final will be on Friday, December 18, 2020.

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08Dec, 20


I have pushed the Unit 6 test to Friday to give students two more days to review Language material. Below is the study guide for the reading final which is on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

7th Grade Reading Study Guide For Second Nine Weeks Final

Students will be writing their language study guide by hand tomorrow through Friday. I will post the entire study guide on Friday.


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04Dec, 20


Today we took a reading quiz and continued moving through Unit 6. Students should expect a language test either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Study guides for the finals will be out by Tuesday of next week.

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03Dec, 20


Today we continued Unit 6 in language and completed an imagery assignment. Tomorrow the students will have a reading quiz and we will complete the unit in language.

Students should expect a language quiz on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Students will receive their study guides next week.

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01Dec, 20


Today we completed ” A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings”. Tomorrow we will complete two imagery exercises. For homework, students have to complete page 96. The plan is to complete Unit 6 in language by next Tuesday 12/8/2020. Study Guides for finals should be out by Tuesday 12/8/2020.

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19Nov, 20


The reading and language test have been taken! Students can begin studying over the break for their final exam.

All students should thoroughly enjoy their Thanksgiving break!

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16Nov, 20


What we did today: We made study guides in reading to prepare for the big test on Wednesday. In language, we started on a language pack to practice for our test.

Only homework is to study for the upcoming test!

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13Nov, 20

Study Guide for Wednesday’s Test

Study Guide

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05Nov, 20


No homework tonight! Reading test on Monday! Study guide will be posted tomorrow.

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04Nov, 20


No homework in english nor reading! Reading Test on Monday!

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02Nov, 20


Homework: Read the short story, The Circuit. No language homework

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23Oct, 20


Test on Monday!!! The correct answers for The Sound of Summer Running Correct Answers

Spend the weekend Studying!!!

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22Oct, 20


Due Dates: Tomorrow the students have a reading and english quiz. Articles are also due tomorrow. Monday the students have a reading and english test. I will post a practice sheet with answers for students to practice language tools this weekend.

Homework: The Sound of Summer Running Homework (Google Classroom) and complete 62-65.

What We Did Today: We read “The Sound of Summer Running” and reviewed language homework.

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21Oct, 20


Due Dates: Reading Quiz on Friday | Language Quiz on Friday | Reading and Language Test on Monday, October 26, 2020

Homework: Home on the Range Homework (Google Classroom), Complete pages 58-61

Today in Class: we reviewed homework, and began going through 58-61


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20Oct, 20


Today in class we began reading “Home on the Range”. Tomorrow we will complete reading and the students will have a homework assignment. Tonight students should complete homework for pages 55-57 in their language books.

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19Oct, 20


The students took their reading test and watched the following videos and took notes on themes in literature. Each student was asked to write down at least 5 notes about themes.

We also review the language quiz taken last week. Tomorrow we will be moving on and beginning Home on the Range and completing pages 54-57 in language. Students will need to turn in their articles by Friday.
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16Oct, 20


In class we took a reading and language quiz. Students have been given their next article assignment today. Articles are due every Friday. Students should review Unit 4 for next week and study their homework and bell ringers for their test on Monday.

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15Oct, 20


In class the students reviewed “The Clearing” with a writing assignment. Tomorrow the students will have a quiz on “The Sparrow” and “Zoo” and we will review for the test on Monday. The students should study their notes. The quiz will be worth 50 points.

We spent time on our articles today. They are due tomorrow and worth 50 points. The students will also have a quiz on what we have covered this week in english. The quiz is worth 50 points as well.

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14Oct, 20


Today in class we reviewed the short story “Zoo”. We also began reading “The Clearing” in class today. Students have their homework assignment on Google Classroom. For English, the students will have their third journal, Journal #3.  Any work not finished in class is homework.

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13Oct, 20


Today in class we read the short story “Zoo”. Students are responsible for completing homework on Google Classroom. Also, students should be studying homework from last night and bell ringers in preparation for Monday’s test. Tomorrow we will be reading the clearing.

In English, we reviewed the homework from last night, and reviewed how to properly diagram a sentence. As a class we went over pages 50-52 and the students were responsible for completing their second journal entry. Journal #2  All unfinished work has been assigned for homework and is due tomorrow.

Articles are due Friday and students should have a newspaper or magazine Friday.

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12Oct, 20


Today in Reading, the students wrote literary notes Literary Notes Part 1   Literary Notes Part 2. The students also read the short story “The Sparrow” and took brief notes. Their homework was posted in Google Classroom and is due by 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. In English, the students are responsible for diagramming the 12 sentences on page 49 in their language books for class tomorrow.

This nine weeks we will be slowly learning how to write a research paper. In attempts to encourage my students to begin researching, we will be writing a class newspaper every week. Each student has been assigned a topic to write an article on. These articles are due Friday. Students have also been asked to bring in a newspaper or magazine on Friday, so that we can examine how to properly write an article.

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05Oct, 20

What to Expect

7th Grades exam is on Thursday!!

For the second nine weeks, we are going to hit the ground running. After accessing what works, I have decided to keep all reading homework assignments on Google Classroom and I will check language homework weekly. Below I have attached a lay out of everything we will be covering this semester to keep all of my students on the same page for test and homework assignments.

7th Grade English Second Nine Weks

7th Grade Reading Second Nine Weks

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01Oct, 20

Exam Thursday 10/8/2020

Students should study their study guides from the last two test:

Study Guide for 7th Grade



If the students study this, they will in fact pass their reading exam with an A!

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25Sep, 20

Homework 9/25/2020

Reading: Students should study for their test on Monday. The study guide is posted here Study Guide for 7th Grade and on Google Classroom. This will be the last test before the exam. The exam study guide will be posted by Tuesday.

English: we will be going over pages 45-55 Monday and Tuesday. The students will have a test on Wednesday on Italics, Hyphens, Apostrophes, and Quotations.

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24Sep, 20

Upcoming for the Remainder of the 9 weeks


Test #6 on Monday worth 100 points

Homework/Classwork for the remaining week worth up to 100 points

Exam worth 200 points

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24Sep, 20

Upcoming English for the Remainder

Creative Writing (Due September 25, 2020) worth 100 points

Journal Entries (September 28-October 2, 2020) worth 100 points (25 each)

Portfolio (Due October 8, 2020) worth 100 points

Test in Language (September 30, 2020) worth 100 points

English Exam (TBA) worth 200 points


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24Sep, 20

Homework 9/24/2020

Reading: Study for the review tomorrow.

English: Look over 45-55 in preparation for class tomorrow. Creative Writing assignments due tomorrow.

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21Sep, 20

Homework 9/21/2020

Reading: The students complete their fifth reading test. There is no homework for tonight. If the student wants to get ahead, they can take a look at My Journey is Still Long in their reading book.

English: Tomorrow in class students will being a complete review on what they have learned so far in Unit 3 in their language book. The creative writing assignment is due Friday.

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18Sep, 20

Study Guide for Test on Monday 9/21/2020

Study guides are due on Monday. 7th Grade    Week 7 Study Guide (4)

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17Sep, 20

Homework 9/17/2020

Reading: Students were given their study guide for their test on Monday in class today. Tomorrow they will receive the correct answers. Students should study tonight for POP Quiz tomorrow to help prepare them for Monday’s test.

English: Students should study Italics, Hyphens, and Quotations for quiz tomorrow.

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16Sep, 20

Homework 9/16/2020

Reading: Today in class, we read The Dinner Party and The Third Level. For homework, students are responsible for answering questions 1-7 (page 102) and 1-8 page (page 112)


English: Page 36, exercise A #s 1-8. There will be a language quiz on Friday. Lastly, creative writing assignments are due on September 25, 2020.

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11Sep, 20

Homework 9/11/2020

Students should complete the answers to the questions given in class and email them to me.

Creative Writing is due September 25, 2020.

Please see my lesson plan to see what we will cover next week

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10Sep, 20

Creative Writing Assingment

7th Grade Creative Writing Assignment

6th Grade Creative Writing Assignment

Students will be instructed to add a few requirements to this form tomorrow in class, however, this is the assignment.

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10Sep, 20

Dear Parents,

If your child is absent, I inform them on the day they return of the assignments they need to complete; HOWEVER, they are ultimately responsible for completing the assignments and turning them in. Many students will have zeros in Headmaster after this week for failure to turn in an assignment or to take a quiz. I have attempted to tell all students what they were missing in my class for four weeks. I will no longer do this. Please stay on top of them to complete assignments and turn them in on their due date.


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10Sep, 20

Homework 9/10/2020

Students should identify the indirect and direct characterization in the story, “Barnum’s First Circus”. They need to submit their answers on Google Classroom by tomorrow afternoon.

Students should also complete page 27 and 28 in their language books.

No quiz on the short story tomorrow. Students will receive another creative writing assignment tomorrow.

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04Sep, 20

Homework 9/7/2020-9/11/2020

Student should STUDY their reading study guide and all language notes in preparation for midterms on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Midterms are 100 points.

On Tuesday we will do a thorough review, so if your child has any additional questions about the material, Tuesday is the day to ask.

There will be no vocab on the midterm.

On Thursday the students will start reading Barnum’s First Circus and will receive a new creative writing assignment.

Students should expect a quiz on the short story on Friday.

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03Sep, 20

Homework 9/3/2020

Reading- students are creating their study guide for their reading midterm on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Their midterm will cover: Rikki Tikki Tavi, A Day’s Wait, Kid at the Stick, Look Back at the Sea, Stolen Day, and The Strangers That Came To Town.

Tomorrow students will be given the vocab words they need to study for the midterm.


English- The creative writing assignment is due TOMORROW!! I have told the students I will not accept the assignment late, as they were informed of the assignment on August 27, 2020. If the student is absent, I expect the assignment the day they return. All of my students are aware of this assignment and its due date. It is worth 50 points.

Students will also have a midterm for English which will cover: manuscript form, capitalization, punctuation, and commas.

We will be reviewing in Reading and English for the next few days to ensure the students are prepared for the test. The midterm is worth 100 points.

Please remind your children to read books and take AR test. AR is 100 points as well and will be input on headmaster that last week of the nine weeks.

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02Sep, 20

Homework 9/2/2020

Student should finish reading A Stranger that Came into Town. They will have a quiz tomorrow.

Students should also finish pages 21 and 22 in their language books.

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01Sep, 20

Homework 9/1/2020

Students should study their study guide for Look Back at The Sea and Stolen Day as their test is tomorrow. I will post the correct answers on Google Classroom at 6pm.

Students should finish their creative writing assignments. They will have a language test on Thursday.

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30Aug, 20

Upcoming Week 4

For reading this week, we will be covering The Strangers that Came to Town and Barnum’s First Circus

Students will have a Reading Test on Wednesday 9/02/2020 on Look Back At The Sea and Stolen Day

Students should expect at least 3 pop quizzes this week, 1 in English and 2 in Reading.

As a reminder: The Creative Writing Assignment is due on Friday 9/4/2020

Students should prepare for an English test on Wednesday 9/9/2020

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21Aug, 20

Week Three

7th Grade Reading Lesson Plan

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19Aug, 20

Homework 8/19/2020

Students should finish reading Kid at the Stick and define vocab for the short story.


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18Aug, 20

Homework 8/18/2020

Students should study all pages 1-10 in their language book, review manuscript form and capitalization, for test tomorrow.


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17Aug, 20

Homework 8/17/2020

Students should read “A Day’s Wait” for homework.

Also students should complete pages 5-7 in their language book.

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17Aug, 20

Lesson Plans 8/17-8/21

7th Grade Language Week Two

7th Grade Reading Week Two

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12Aug, 20

Homework 8/12/2020

g Students are to finish answering questions from their class assignment and turn it in tomorrow, or email me.

Students are also responsible for completing exercise 1 on page 3 in their language book.

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11Aug, 20

Homework 8/11/2020

Students should finish reading Rikki Tikki Tavi and be able to identify the Falling Action and Resolution.

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10Aug, 20

First Week

I am very excited to meet my 7th graders this year. If the students are interested in getting a head start for this week they can begin reading the short stories on my lesson plan.

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10Aug, 20

Temperature Form

Parents please make sure your child brings a signed form to school by Friday August 14, 2020.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

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07Aug, 20

7th Grade English

Please Click this Link to view 7th Grade English Lesson Plan Week One 7th ELA

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07Aug, 20

7th Grade Reading

Please Click this Link to View 7th Grade Reading Lesson Plan Week One 7th Reading

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Week 3 Lesson Plan