Mrs. Jessi Pitman

24Sep, 21

Week of September 27

Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Speed Drill 2.5 B Cursive Test


Math Speed Drill 2.6A

Language Chapter 4 Test Spelling Test


Bible Test: Chapter and Bible Verse Exodus 19:5


Reading Comprehension Test


Math Speed Drill 2.6B

No School

Classwork: Please do not work ahead

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bible p. 18 p. 19-20 Chapel Test No School
Reading p. 59-60 p. 61-62 p. 63-64 Test  
Language p.31 In class practice Test Writing Assignment  
Math p. 53-54 p. 55-56 p. 57-58 p. 59-60  
Science p. 53-54 p. 55-56 p. 57-58 p. 59-60  
Spelling p. 21-22 p. 23 p.24 Test  
Cursive p. 25 Test p. 26 p. 27  
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17Sep, 21

September 20-24

Test Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cursive Math Speed Drill 2.4B addition   Oral Reading Test


Bible Test and Bible Verse Test


Math Speed Drill 2.5A subtraction


Spelling Test


Chapter 3 Science Test

Classwork: Please do not work ahead 🙂

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bible p. 14 p. 15-16 Chapel Test p. 17
Reading p. 43-44 p. 45-46 p. 49-52 Oral Fluency Test p. 51-52
Language Writing Assignment Writing Assignment p. 25 p. 27 p. 29
Math p. 41-42 p. 43-44 p. 45-46 p. 47-50 p. 51-54
Science p. 45-46 p. 47-48 p. 49-50 REVIEW Test
Spelling p. 17 p. 18 p. 19 p. 20 Test
Cursive Test p. 21 p. 22 p. 23 p. 24
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07Sep, 21

September 13-17

Test Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading Comprehension #2


Math Chapter  1

Science Chapter 2 Test Math Speed Drill +10 (20 problems instead of 10) Bible Test chapter 3

Bible Verse Test Exodus 4:12

Spelling Test List 4


Language Chapter 3 Test


  Bible Reading Language Math Science Spelling Cursive
Monday Wb p. 11 Comprehension Test WB p. 15 Chapter 1 Test Review p. 13 p. 16
Tuesday Wb p. 12 Wb p. 35-36 Wb p. 17 Wb p. 33-34 Test p. 14 p. 17
Wednesday chapel Wb p. 39-40 Wb p. 19 Wb p. 35-36 Wb p. 39-40 p. 15 p. 18
Thursday Test Wb p. 41 Wb p. 21 Wb p. 37-38 Wb p. 41-42 p. 16 p. 19
Friday Wb p. 13 Wb p. 43-44 Test Wb p. 39-42 Wb p. 43-44 Test p. 20
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07Sep, 21

September 9 & 10

No tests this week


Start working on Bible Verse for next week:

Exodus 4:12 Now go, I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say.

Thursday: Review lesson 3.1 and workbook p. 9

Friday: Lesson 3.2 and workbook p. 10


Thursday: Workbook p. 31-32

Friday: Workbook p. 33-34


Thursday: Workbook p. 11

Friday: all work is in textbook


Thursday and Friday: Review for chapter 1 test


Thursday: Workbook p. 33-34

Friday: Workbook p. 35-36; Review for Chapter 2 Test (Tuesday of next week)


Review lists 1-3


Thursday: workbook p. 14

Friday: workbook p. 15

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26Aug, 21

Week of August 30

Test Schedule

Monday 30 Tuesday 31 Wednesday  1 Thursday 2 Friday 3
Reading Comprehension Test #2 Math Chapter 1 Science Chapter 2 Bible and Bible Verse

Exodus 4:12 – Now go! I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say.

Math – Speed Drill 2.4A (Addition facts to 10, 20 problems, 2 mins to complete)

Spelling Test List 4


  Bible Reading Language Math Science Spelling Cursive
Monday p. 10 Comprehension Test #2 Text p. 45-49

WB p. 11

Chapter 1 review p. 33-34 p. 13 p. 14
Tuesday p. 11-12 p. 31-32 Text p. 50-55 Chapter 1 Test p. 35-36 p. 14 p. 15
Wednesday Chapel p. 33-34 Text p. 57-59

WB p. 15

WB p. 33-34 Chapter 2 Test p. 15 p. 16
Thursday Test p. 35-36

(37-38 for grade)

Text p. 55-59

WB p. 17

WB p. 35-36

Speed Drill 2.4A

p. 39-40 p. 16 p. 17
Friday p. 13-14 p. 39-40 Text p. 60-61

WB p. 19

WB p. 37-38 p. 41-42 Test p. 18
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19Aug, 21

August 23-27



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Language – Chapter 2 Test (open book test using their punctuation and capitalization rules – reference guide from folder)

Math – Speed Drill 1.11A (subtraction facts to 10 – 2 mins)


None Bible and Bible Verse Test 2
Bible Verse Test – James 5:16 – Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed. 

Reading – Comprehension Test #1 (they will read a story and answer questions about what they read, they will be able to look back in the story to help them)

Spelling Test 3

Math – Speed Drill 1.11B (subtraction facts to 10 – 2 mins)




Please DO NOT complete these pages ahead of time



Bible pg. 9

Language – Textbook pgs. 34-35, packet pg. 9 (Ch. 2 Test Tomorrow – use their packet pages as their study guide)

Math pgs. 21-22

Spelling pg. 9

Cursive pg. 9

Reading – Reader pgs. 50-55/packet pgs. 21-22

Science – Packet pgs. 21-22 / Backbone Homework page sent home – Due Tomorrow!



Bible pgs. 7-8

Language – Chapter 2 Test – Ch. 2 Packets also due today

Math pgs. 23-24 / SPEED DRILL 1.11A (Subtraction facts to 10 – 2 mins to complete)

Spelling pg. 10

Cursive pg. 10

Reading – Reader pgs. 56-61/packet pgs. 23-24

Science – pgs. 23-26



Language – Chapter 2 Lesson 6 – Writing Assignment (W.A.) 1 (Due Thursday – will complete in class)

Math pgs. 25-26

Spelling pg. 11

Cursive pg. 11

Reading – Reader pgs. 62-67/packet pgs. 25-28

Science pgs. 27-28



Bible – Bible Test # 2, Bible Verse Test, Written Bible Verses Due

Language – Chapter 2 Lesson 6 – Finish W.A and turn in today

Math pgs. 27-28

Spelling pg. 12

Cursive pg. 12

Reading – Reading Comprehension Test #1 (100 points)

Science pgs.  29-30



Bible pg. 9

Language – Textbook pgs. 41-44

Math pgs. 29-30 / SPEED DRILL 1.11B

Cursive pg. 13

Reading –book pgs. 68-74/workbook pgs. 29-30

Science pgs. 31-32

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13Aug, 21

August 16-August 20

*Picture Day is Monday for Second Grade*

Bible Verse: Psalm 78:1 My people, hear my instruction; listen to what I say.


Monday 16 Tuesday 17 Wednesday 18 Thursday 19 Friday 20
Manuscript Writing Test 2   Oral Reading Evaluation 1 Bible Verse Test

Bible Test 1

Science Chapter 1 Test

Math Speed Drill addition to 10


Science Plant Poster Presentation (100 point grade)


Spelling List 2 Test


Students will write their Bible verse 3x in class. This will be picked up for a 30 point grade.


Bible pgs. 1-2

Language Textbook pgs. 17-18

Math pgs. 11-12

Spelling Pg. 5

Cursive – Manuscript Writing Test 2

Reading – Reader pgs. 25/workbook pgs. 13-14

Science – pgs. 13-14



Bible pgs. 3-4

Language –Review over Language Cheat Sheet (will use this paper for their first test which is next week. Like an open book test. Please go over each packet page with them as its completed. You will use their packets as a study guide for their tests. This is usually a harder test each year for the students)

Math pgs. 13-14

Spelling pg. 6

Cursive pg. 5

Reading – Reader pgs. 26-41/Packet pgs. 15-16

Science – pgs. 15-18 (Ch. 1 Test Thursday this week)




Language – Textbook pg. 20-23, review Ch. 2 Vocab (in manila folder)

Math pgs. 15-16

Spelling pg. 7

Cursive pg. 6

Science  – Ch. 1 Test Review (Test Tomorrow and Packets due tomorrow)

Reading – Oral Reading Eval #1




Bible –  Bible and Bible Verse Test 1

Language – Textbook pgs. 24-28/ Packet pg. 5

Math pgs. 17-18

Spelling pg. 8

Cursive pg. 7

Reading – book pgs. 43 / workbook pgs. 17-18

Science – Chapter 1 Test (Plant Poster DUE Tomorrow)




Bible pg. 5 (Lesson 2.1)

Language –Textbook pgs. 29-33/ Packet pg. 7

Math pgs. 19-20 / SPEED DRILL 1.3C (2 mins to complete)

Spelling – List 2 Test

Cursive pg. 8

Reading – Reader pg. 44-49/Workbook pgs. 19-20

Science – Plant Poster Presentation (Make sure your child has all the requirements on the poster listed on the rubric)

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02Aug, 21

Week of August 9

*Homework packets will be in the students’ RED folder on Mondays and they are due back no later than Friday.*

Classwork  August 9-13


Bible-Fruit of the Spirit-Love, Joy

Language-Pretest (completion grade)

Math-Pre-assessment Worksheets (completion grade)

Spelling p.1

Cursive-Manuscript test (print—graded for accuracy)

Reading-First Day Jitters/ How to use your textbooks

Science-pg. 1, pick plants for their plant poster due 8/20/21


Bible-Fruit of the Spirit-Peace, Patience, and Kindness

Language-Ch. 1 Lesson 1-Introduce the chapter

Math-Packet pgs. 3-4

Spelling- p.2


Reading-Reader pgs. 2-10/packet pgs. 3-4

Science-packet pgs. 3-4


Language-Textbook pgs. 2-7/ packet p. 1

Math-Packet pgs. 5-6


Cursive-p. 2

Reading-Reader pgs. 2-11/packet pgs.5-6 (graded comprehension assessment)

Science-review over rubric for plant poster (rubric sent home in red folder and posted on website.


Bible-Fruit of the Spirit-Goodness, Faithfulness, and Gentleness

Language-Textbook pgs. 8-13, packet p.3

Math-packet pgs. 7-8/ speed drill 1.3B



Reading-reader pgs. 12-18/ packet pgs. 7-8

Science-Packet pgs. 5-8


Bible-Fruit of the Spirit-Self Control (all activity pages picked up for completion grade)

Language-Textbook pgs.14-16

Math-packet p.9-10

Spelling-List 1 Test

Cursive p. 4

Reading-Reader pgs. 19-24/ packet pgs. 9-12 (comprehension assessment grade)

Science-Packet pgs. 9-12

Test Schedule August 9-13


Language-Pretest (completion grade)

Math-Pre-assessment assignment (completion grade)

Cursive-Manuscript Writing Test 1 (writing in print) (graded for accuracy)


Math-Speed Drill-Addition Facts to 10 (2 min to complete 10 problems)


Spelling Test List 1

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26Jul, 21


Welcome to Mrs. Jessi Pitman’s second grade class. I am very excited to start this school year with you. Second grade is my favorite grade to teach and I am thrilled God has called me back to it!

I want to begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I have been married to my wonderful husband Andrew for 17 years and he is a CPA and CFO of the University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation.  Our daughter Samantha will be in 9th grade this year and our twin sons Craig and Seth will be in the 6th grade. We have a silly standard poodle named Maci who thinks she is a princess. This will be our first year at First Baptist Christian School and we are all very excited to be a part of the FBCS family.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. In high school I went through Slidell High School’s Teaching Academy from 9th-12th grade. It helped me confirm that this was the future God had planned for me. I went on to attend Louisiana College and earned my B.A. in Elementary Education.  I began my teaching career in 2005 in the St. Tammany Parish school system as a certified teacher in 3rd grade. I then moved to 2nd grade for the next 5 years. After my twins were born, I decided to move to the Early Learning Center at Grace Memorial Baptist Church which is our church home.  I taught kindergarten there for 9 years. I now have 15 years of teaching experience.

When Covid hit, I had to make the hard decision of leaving the kindergarten position I loved to home-school my children. During the crazy school year of 2020-2021 we remained home as God was planning our next step. While I loved teaching my children this past year, I felt God calling me back to teaching in an environment where I can not only share His word but integrate it across the curriculum. God led me to First Baptist Christian School where a second grade position was available.

With this year ahead, I want to thank you for the opportunity to teach your child and to be a part of his/her spiritual and academic growth. We are going to have a wonderful year as we work together for the academic success of your child.

Here are some explanations for how our classroom will run:


  1. Listen to and follow directions
  2. Ask permission before leaving your seat
  3. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
  4. Demonstrate self control
  5. Be kind to teachers and students with your actions and words

Behavior: We will use a behavior chart in our classroom to determine weekly conduct grades. Each day will be worth 20 points for a 100 point conduct grade each week. The students will begin each morning in the middle of the chart “ready for school”. Throughout the day the students will have the opportunity to work up the chart for following the rules and for displaying outstanding behavior. The students will move down the chart if a rule is broken. Once a student is moved down, that does not mean he/she is stuck in that spot; he/she will have the rest of the day to move his/her clip back up. Students’ conduct points will be determined by the space they are on when they leave for the day.

The behavior chart will be set up as follows:

Super Star +6 points

Riding a wave +3 points

Ready for school 20 points

Just keep swimming -3 points

Sinking -6 points

Ocean floor -9 points

Rewards: I will record each student’s extra points each day. I will add these extra points to any day that is lacking points then keep track of any excess points the student may have at the end of each week. When each student reaches 50 points they can pick a privilege or treat.

Folders: Your child will have 6 folders that he/she is responsible to bring to class and home from school every day:

  1. red-take home folder
  2. purple-Bible
  3. green-spelling
  4. yellow-math, science, social studies
  5. blue-language, cursive
  6. I will provide a folder for their reading workbook pages

Snack: Please send a healthy snack with your child every day. Candy will not be allowed at snack time. Please send a clear, water-filled bottle labeled with your child’s name for hydration through the day.

Birthdays: Everyone loves to celebrate his/her birthday. Please feel free to send in a celebration snack for your child that we will enjoy at our lunch time. If you are planning to invite classroom friends to a birthday party, please send enough invitations for every child in the class. I can only hand out invitations if everyone in the class is invited.

Phonics: In second grade, we will no longer have a separate phonics grade. All phonics will be incorporated into our reading, language and spelling curriculum.

Grading: You will have access to your child’s grades on Headmaster. I will update grades by Monday mornings for the previous week’s grades. Graded papers will then come home Monday afternoon for your review. Please sign the log and return the log and the papers on Tuesday.

Homework: Homework should be minimal in my class this year. I will provide ample time for class work to be completed during the day. Any homework assignments that are given will be sent home on Mondays and expected back on Friday or a designated date if it is a larger project. Students are responsible for studying each night (Bible verses, spelling words, math facts, etc) and for making time to read alone, read to someone, or have someone read to him/her. I will update my website by Fridays so you are aware of the next week’s upcoming assignments.

Website: Please visit our school website weekly: This website will give you information about school and classroom activities. I will have my page updated every Friday afternoon for the next week’s announcements, assignments, study guides, test schedule, special dates, etc.

Communication: Please feel free to contact me about any concern or question you may have. The most direct way to contact me is through email [email protected] I will check email before school, during my planning period and after school. If you need something sooner, please feel free to call the school office at 985-643-3725.

I am looking forward to this school year with you and your child. If there is anything I can do this year to help you or your family, please let me know. I will be praying for my students and their families as we go through the next step of their lives—Second Grade!

Jessi Pitman

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