Mrs. Melissa Billeaud – English 8

28Sep, 20

September 28-October 2 Assignments & Assessments

This week, we will work on…

Action vs. Linking verbs (90-92),

Helping Verbs (93-94)

predicate nominatives (122-123), predicate adjectives (212),

and direct objects if time allows!

THURSDAY, Oct. 1: 50-point QUIZ on linking vs. action verbs, predicate adjectives, predicate nominatives, and direct objects (if we get to direct objects!)

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18Sep, 20

September 21-25 Assignments and Assessments

We will continue working with prepositional phrases this week (see last week’s post for the preposition song), as well as creating original poetry. Student poems will review the poetry terms that they learned earlier this year (these terms will also be on the exam).

We will also be distinguishing between action, linking, and helping verbs this week (p. 90-93 of Grammar Book).

Wednesday, 9/23: Students will have an 80-point test on a) listing all 49 prepositions and b) identifying prepositional phrases!

UPDATE: Thursday, 9/24, the poems we’ve been working on Monday-Wednesday in class are DUE via email.

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11Sep, 20

September 14-18 Assignments & Assessments

UPDATE–QUIZ: On Wednesday, September 16th,  we will have a 50-point QUIZ on identifying subjects and verbs, including compound subjects and verbs. This quiz was originally scheduled for Monday. We will have quick review before taking it. Diagramming WILL NOT be on the quiz or any future tests! Review p. 58-61; 63 of grammar workbook.

UPDATE–TEST: On Wednesday, September 23rd, we will have a memorization test for ALL prepositions: memorize this song (start at 0:41 seconds):

This week:
-We will learn prepositional phrases (p. 260-265)
-We will continue with compound subjects and verbs (p. 64-66)
-We will introduce action verbs vs. linking verbs (p. 89-91)

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04Sep, 20

September 8-11 Assignments & Assessments

In English this week, we are returning to grammar after some time studying poetry! 📝

We will be studying subjects and verbs. We will be working through pages 58-63 this week.

Most work will be completed in class; if I assign a page to be done one evening, I’ll put in on here that day.

UPDATE: On Monday, September 14th,  we will have a 50-point QUIZ on identifying subjects and verbs, including compound subjects and verbs. Diagramming WILL NOT be on the quiz or any future tests! Review p. 58-61; 63 of grammar workbook.


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28Aug, 20

August 31 – September 4 Assignments

This week, we will continue to work on poetry in class. All work not finished in class is for homework, but if students are working diligently, they should finish in class.

UPDATE: On Monday August 31st and Tuesday September 2nd, I’ll be giving students notes on poetry terms. There will be a test on these terms Tuesday, September 8 (after Labor Day).

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21Aug, 20

August 24-28 Assignments

This week, we will be doing a poetry mini-unit.

On Friday (8/28), students will have a quiz on the poetry terms AND paragraph terms they learn this week. They will have a list of these terms and definitions in Notability.

They will also be expected to finish some writing for homework IF they do not finish in class.

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07Aug, 20

August 10-14 Assignments

Friday, 8/14/20: Using your verb chart, begin memorizing verbs for a quiz Wednesday (homeschool option, your quiz would be Friday).

Tuesday, 8/11: Begin memorizing the linking and helping verb chart p. 58 of your workbook (on iPad). Students will have to list all of these verbs on a test on Wed., 8/19.

Friday, 8/14: Quiz on Capitalization Rules. Review pages 8-12 of Grammar II Workbook on iPad.

Wednesday, 8/19: Test on…

  • capitalization rules (p. 8-16, 21),

  • listing helping/linking verbs (memorize the chart on p.58!),

  • types of sentences (p. 22; 57)

  • **Please note: I do not teach diagramming sentences; just labeling them. Although the textbook has diagram examples, I just teach students how to identify parts of the sentence.

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07Aug, 20

Welcome to My English Course!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. -Colossians 3:23-24

Hi! By Friday afternoon (8/7), I will have next week’s upcoming events for you to view. I can’t wait to start another great year! If you would like to read my Parent Letter, which tells about me, my policies, and my grading scale, please visit my Uploads, or click this link here: General Parent Letter 2020

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