Mrs. Melissa Billeaud – English 8

15Jan, 21

January 19th-22nd

  • MLK Holiday on Monday!
  • We will have a Spelling Bee on Tuesday in class. This is not a mandatory event, but students get some free points if they choose to participate!
  • Starting Tuesday/Wednesday, I will introduce Nominative, Objective, and Possessive Pronouns. We will complete textbook practice p. 171-174 over the course of the week.
  • At end of week, we will practice textbook pages on mixing Nominative Case and Objective Case pronouns.
  • Wednesday, 1/27: TEST on Nominative vs. Objective Case Pronouns.
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08Jan, 21

January 11-15 Assignments & Assessments

This week, we will begin our PRONOUN unit.

–Monday, January 11th: Essay that we wrote this past week is DUE, printed. This essay was completed in class on Google Docs.
–Friday, January 15th: Test on Pronouns. Details:

-Students need to be able to complete a matching section based on their pronoun index cards,
-List the pronouns they needed to memorize (also on pronoun index cards),
-And choose correct verbs and antecedents for pronouns. Use pages 165-170 of Grammar Workbook to help with this.

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03Jan, 21

January 3-8 Assignments & Assessments

Welcome to 2021! 🙂

This week in English 8, we will be turning our focus away from grammar for a bit and to writing. Students will be reading two informational texts and then writing an essay on which writer made their point better. This requires students to 1) analyze an author’s writing and 2) argue for their points of view/opinions.

UPDATE: Students will need to bring their typed essay to school to hand in, PRINTED, on Monday, 1/11. We will be writing this essay almost entirely in class. We will be typing our essays in Google Docs.

The digital copy of the packet is here:

8th Grade Simulation Research Task

At the end of the week, I’ll be introducing types of pronouns. We will be making flashcards as we prepare for a quiz next week. I’ll be using p. 165 of the grammar book for this.

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14Dec, 20

Exam Week: December 14-17

English 8 Exam on Friday! 200 points.

Review the study guide sent home. If you would like a digital copy, please email me at [email protected] and I can do that! Printing it at home and redoing it is great practice!

Topics on exam:

-FANBOYS, phrases, clauses
-Types of sentences (Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex)
-Direct and Indirect Objects
-Parts of a Paragraph
-Noun Clauses, Gerund Phrases, Infinitive Phrases, and what they function as (subjects, appositives, direct objects, obj. of prep, predicate nominatives)

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04Dec, 20

December 7th-11th

This week we will introduce the last item that students will see on the exam: adjectives and participles. See pages 207-208, 209, and 215 for help.

On the exam, students will have direct and indirect objects, types of sentences (S, CD, CX, CD-CX), parts of a paragraph, nouns as appositives, gerunds, infinitives, clauses, adjectives, and participles.

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20Nov, 20

11/30-12/4 Assignments and Assessments

This week, we will be studying gerunds, infinitives, and noun clauses.

Students will learn how to identify what a gerund is functioning as (p. 135-137).
Students will learn what an infinitive is and what it is functioning as (p. 138-140).
Students will be introduced to noun clauses (p. 141-144).

Friday, 12/4: Test on identifying gerunds and infinitives AND naming what they function as (S, DO, APP, OP, etc.)

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13Nov, 20

November 16-20 Assessments & Assignments

This week we will focus back on grammar; specifically, we will look at NOUNS:
nouns as appositives, nouns of direct address, nouns as gerunds, and nouns as infinitives. (p. 132-138 of grammar book).

Tuesday, 11/17: Parts of a Paragraph Quiz.

Friday, 11/20: 50-point quiz on appositives, nouns of direct address, and gerunds (p.132-137). (We will quiz on infinitives next week.)

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06Nov, 20

November 9-13 Assignments & Assessments

This week, we will be shifting our focus from grammar to writing.

We will be reading a fictional piece and an informational piece and doing in-class writing assignments on both. So, no grammar quizzes or tests this week, but on Friday, students will have a quiz on the parts of a paragraph. I will also be grading students’ paragraphs (this will be preparing them for ASPIRE Standardized Testing in the spring).

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31Oct, 20

November 2-6 Assignments & Assessments

Homework for Wednesday night, 11/4: Finish review packet (in Notability) started in class.

Due to Hurricane Zeta, the test on identifying S, CD, CX, and CD-CX sentences has been moved to Friday, November 6th. 

To prepare for this test, students may use their notes they took in class (most likely under their “SWABI List for Students” document in Notability).

Students can also use pages 277-284 of the grammar book (in Notability) to review.

This week, we will be preparing for this test as well as beginning an “analytical writing on fiction” mini-unit.

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23Oct, 20

October 26-30 Assignments & Assessments

This week, we will master the compound-complex sentence. We will be building on our knowledge of simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, and finally, we will mix the four types of students.

Students will need to demonstrate that they can distinguish between these 4 types of sentences and know how to a) annotate them and b) place commas in them correctly.

This week we will be using p. 282-284 of our grammar book.

FRIDAY, 10/30, students will have a test on simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. They will need to distinguish before the 4 types on this test.

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16Oct, 20

October 19-23 Assignments & Assessments

This week we will master complex sentences. We will be working on pages 280-281 in the grammar book.

This week, students need to work on memorizing the 18 subordinating conjunctions that I supply on Monday (but I’ve listed them below as well if you’d like to start studying!). They also need to know how to annotate complex sentences.

On Friday, 10/23, students will have a test on annotating complex sentences and listing all 18 subordinating conjunctions.

ORDER DOESN’T MATTER! Subordinating Conjunctions:
Since, When, After, If, Who, Although, Before, Whenever, As, Because, Wherever, That, Unless, Which, Though, Even If, While, Even Though.

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11Oct, 20

October 12-16 Assessments & Assignments

This week, we will work with direct and indirect objects (pages 125-131) at the beginning of the week.

We will also introduce simple and compound sentences (pages 277-279).

On Friday, 10/16, students will have a TEST on direct and indirect objects as well as identifying simple and compound sentences.

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21Aug, 20

August 24-28 Assignments

This week, we will be doing a poetry mini-unit.

On Friday (8/28), students will have a quiz on the poetry terms AND paragraph terms they learn this week. They will have a list of these terms and definitions in Notability.

They will also be expected to finish some writing for homework IF they do not finish in class.

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07Aug, 20

August 10-14 Assignments

Friday, 8/14/20: Using your verb chart, begin memorizing verbs for a quiz Wednesday (homeschool option, your quiz would be Friday).

Tuesday, 8/11: Begin memorizing the linking and helping verb chart p. 58 of your workbook (on iPad). Students will have to list all of these verbs on a test on Wed., 8/19.

Friday, 8/14: Quiz on Capitalization Rules. Review pages 8-12 of Grammar II Workbook on iPad.

Wednesday, 8/19: Test on…

  • capitalization rules (p. 8-16, 21),

  • listing helping/linking verbs (memorize the chart on p.58!),

  • types of sentences (p. 22; 57)

  • **Please note: I do not teach diagramming sentences; just labeling them. Although the textbook has diagram examples, I just teach students how to identify parts of the sentence.

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07Aug, 20

Welcome to My English Course!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. -Colossians 3:23-24

Hi! By Friday afternoon (8/7), I will have next week’s upcoming events for you to view. I can’t wait to start another great year! If you would like to read my Parent Letter, which tells about me, my policies, and my grading scale, please visit my Uploads, or click this link here: General Parent Letter 2020

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