Mrs. Melissa Billeaud – English I

18Sep, 20

September 21-25 Assignments and Assessments

This week, we will continue reading Part 2 of The Odyssey in the textbook.

Students should expect a quiz on part 2 of The Odyssey once we finish this section.

This week, we will also be writing a compare/contrast essay on the poem “Siren Song” and Part 2 of The Odyssey.
This essay will be due, printed, Monday, 9/28.

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11Sep, 20

September 14-18 Assessments & Assignments

This week, we will continue our Odyssey unit. Specifically, we will…
-Finish reading from Book 10 of the Odyssey and complete a paragraph assignment.
-Have a reading quiz on Book 10 of the Odyssey early in the week.
-Read Part 2 of the Odyssey from our textbook in Notability.
-Complete activities for Part 2 of the Odyssey and have a reading quiz on Part 2 toward the end of the week.


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04Sep, 20

September 8-11 Assignments and Assessments

This week, we will continue our Odyssey unit. Almost all work will be completed in class.

On Tuesday, 9/8, there will be a TEST on the Odyssey PPT Notes.

Throughout the week, we will be reading part 1 of the Odyssey in the textbook (starting on p. 960 of the Notability digital textbook).

At the end of the week when we finish reading the Odyssey, there will be a reading quiz!

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28Aug, 20

August 31 – September 4 Assignments

This week, we will be entering our Odyssey Unit. On Monday, 8/31, I will be giving students introductory notes on The Odyssey. There will be a test on these notes Friday, September 4th.

Grammar quiz on Friday, September 4th as well.

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21Aug, 20

August 24-28 Assignments

This week, students will continue to do some writing in class, and they will be receiving their notes for our Odyssey unit.

On Friday (8/28) of this week, students will have a grammar quiz on coordinating conjunctions, commas, and semicolons. Notes are in Notability.

Next week, students will have a test on their Odyssey notes.

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07Aug, 20

Welcome to My English Course!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. -Colossians 3:23-24

Hi! By Friday afternoon (8/7), I will have next week’s upcoming events for you to view. I can’t wait to start another great year! If you would like to read my Parent Letter, which tells about me, my policies, and my grading scale, please visit my Uploads, or click this link here: General Parent Letter 2020

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