Mrs.vanSomeren – PE 9

05Aug, 22

Parent Letter

Hi Parents!

My name is Sara van Someren and I will be teaching your student Health and Physical Education this year. In Health we will be studying the different categories of health including physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health, and spiritual health. We will be going into detail of what each category contains, different ways those areas of health are affected, and how they interact and relate to each other. In physical education we will cover a variety of sports and activities. The students will be tested on skills as well as take written tests on rules and regulations of the sports we cover.

I want to share a little information about myself so you can have a better understanding of who I am. I am actually an alumni of First Baptist Christian School. I graduated in 2012 and then went to Southeastern Louisiana University and got my bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education for grades 1-12. This is my sixth year teaching at this school and I love it so much! This is an amazing place to be! I have been married for six years and have three beautiful children. Maximus is 4, Tiberius is 3 and I just recently had my baby girl Tehya who is almost 5 months. God has blessed me far more than I deserve.

I am so blessed to be able to be a part of your child’s life this year! Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you might have. My contact information is listed below. I’m praying for a fantastic year!


Sara van Someren (known as Coach Van to the kids)

[email protected]

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09Aug, 21

Google Calendar Link for Homework, Tests, Quizzes


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14May, 21

Week 18 May 17-21


4th 9 Weeks Exam (study exam study guide)

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07May, 21

Week 17 May 10-14

4th 9 Weeks Exam Review!

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30Apr, 21

Week 17 May 3-7

No quizzes or test this week!

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24Apr, 21

Week 16 April 26-30

Wednesday – Chapter 9 test

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16Apr, 21

Week 15 April 19-23

Tuesday – Chapter 8 Test (study chapter 8 notes)

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11Apr, 21

Week 14 April 12-16

No quizzes or test this week!

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26Mar, 21

Week 13 March 29 – April 2

Tuesday – Chapter 7 Test (study Chapter 7 notes)

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19Mar, 21

Week 12 March 22-26

No quizzes or test this week!

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12Mar, 21

Week 11 March 15-19

Friday – Chapter 6 Test (study chapter 6 notes)

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05Mar, 21

Week 9 March 8-12

Tuesday – 9 Weeks Exam (study 3rd 9 weeks study guide)

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13Dec, 20

Week 18 December 14-18

Tuesday – 2nd 9 Weeks Exam

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02Oct, 20

Week 9 – October 5-9

Monday – 1st 9 Weeks Exam (study exam study guide)

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