Mrs. Sara vanSomeren – Social Studies 6

19Sep, 20

September 28-October 2


Monday: Study for Chapter 4 vocab quiz on lessons 1 and 2

Wednesday and Thursday we will be working on our Exam study guide



Tuesday: Chapter 4 vocab quiz on words from lessons 1 and 2

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19Sep, 20

September 21-25


Monday: Study for Chapter 3 Test. Remember that you must be able to write a minimum of five sentences about the Code of Hammurabi for your essay question and you will need to be able to list five Summerian innovations and two Babylonian government innovations.

Wednesday: Complete the Chapter 4 lesson 1 review on page 121 #1-6 if you did not complete it in class. Also, remember to bring your colors for tomorrows activity

Thursday: Complete the Egyptian Mummy craft if you did not complete it in class



Tuesday: Chapter 3 Test

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11Sep, 20

September 14th-18th

** The Chapter 3 vocab quiz has been moved to Friday and the Chapter 3 Test has been moved to next Tuesday 9/22


Monday: Complete Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Worksheet “Conquests and Empire Building” if not completed in class and complete the Chapter 3 vocabulary sheet if not completed in class

Tuesday: Study for vocabulary quiz on words from the Chapter 3 vocabulary worksheet

Wednesday: Complete the Chapter 3 Review pg. 113 #1-17 question and answer if not completed in class

Thursday: Study for Chapter 3 Test



Wednesday: Chapter 3 Vocab Quiz

Friday: Chapter 3 Test

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28Aug, 20

August 31- September 4


Monday: Begin writing Chapter 2 lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary (due Thursday); Complete Hunters and Gatherers worksheet if not completed in class

Wednesday: Complete Parallel Time Lines worksheet if not completed in class

Thursday: Both lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary are due for Chapter 2

Friday: Complete Chapter 2 Review if not completed in class (pg. 77 #1-16) students must write the question and answer



Friday: Chapter 2 vocabulary quiz on lessons 1 and 2

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21Aug, 20

August 24th-28th


Tuesday: Complete Chapter 2 Lesson 1 vocabulary

Thursday: Complete Chapter 2 Lesson 2 vocabulary

Friday: Review for Chapter 2 vocabulary quiz


Monday: Chapter 1 Test (Be sure to study the chapter 1 review and the notes I gave in class on Friday. You can also study any worksheets that we have done in class)

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14Aug, 20

August 17-21


Tuesday: Complete Chapter 1 lesson 4 vocabulary if not completed in class

Thursday: Complete Chapter 1 Review if not completed in class (pg. 49 #1-15 question and answer)


Tuesday: Chapter 1 vocabulary quiz on words from lessons 1 and 2


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07Aug, 20

Aug 10th-14th


Wednesday: Begin writing Chapter 1 Lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary (due Fri)

Thursday: Complete Chapter 1 Lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary if not completed (due Fri)


Begin reviewing for vocabulary quiz on Chapter 1 Lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary (Quiz on Tuesday Aug 18)





























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05Aug, 20

Welcome Back to School 2020-2021

Welcome back to school! I am excited to be back in the class with you! This year we have to work together to make it the best year it can be considering everything that is going on around the world. One thing is certain though, and that is that we serve a faithful God! Here is some general information about me and some expectations for the school year.

Facts About my Teacher

  • – My name is Sara van Someren
  • – Graduated High School from First Baptist
  • – Graduated college from Southeastern Louisiana University with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education K-12
  • – Married in May of 2016
  • – Two sons named Maximus and Tiberius
  • – Born and raised in First Baptist Church and participated in:
    • o Children’s Church
    • o Bible Drill
    • o Church Choir
    • o Sunday School

Important Information

  • School website:
  • My email: s[email protected]
  • All grades can be found on headmaster
  • All Homework and Tests can be found on the school website 



  • Always be prepared for class
  • Follow ALL classroom and school procedures
  • Respect each other and yourselves
  • Always do your best!
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20Apr, 20

Suggestions for remainder of April

Finish reading Chapter 17 and go over the review questions and vocabulary for each lesson as extra practice.

You can create vocab quizzes for yourself and your family! You can also create quizzes with questions from the lessons you have read and test your parents to see how much history they remember! Make it a game and have some fun.


Once you have finished Chapter 17, begin looking through Chapter 18. This chapter includes the World Wars and some other interesting times of war. Look up a documentary or two online about the wars! Make sure to go over the review questions at the end of each lesson to check yourself for comprehension.

I miss you guys so much! You can always email me with any questions!!

[email protected]

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06Apr, 20

Suggestions for April 6- April 10

Please remember for the month of April these assignments are just suggestions to keep your mind growing. They do not need to be turned into me and are not graded.

First Assignment: Read Chapter 17 lesson 3 pages 578-583

Second Assignment: Research Harriet Beecher Stowe and see her contributions to end slavery in the United States

Third Assignment: Read Chapter 17 lesson 4 pages 584-589. Go over the questions at the end of the lesson in the lesson 4 review.

I miss all of you and hope you all are enjoying your time at home. Remember to keep praying for our nation and world! God is always in control!

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30Mar, 20

Suggestions for March 30- April 3

Email: [email protected]


First Assignment:

Read Chapter 17 lesson 2 pages 572-577 then complete the lesson review on pg. 577 #1-6.

Second Assignment:

Create a list of the advances in technology that were made during the Industrial Revolution. List as many as you can find throughout lesson 2.

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25Mar, 20

Wednesday March 25th- Friday March 27

Your second assignment this week will be due this Friday by 8:00pm

You will need to read pages 570-571 that describe what an editorial cartoon is. Once you read over those pages you are going to create your own editorial cartoon that represents your opinions about a current event in our world (yes, you can do the corona virus). Don’t worry if you aren’t an artist, just do your best!

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23Mar, 20

Monday March 23- Wednesday March 25

Email: [email protected]

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I want to encourage you all to spend a little of your extra time diving into some Scripture and spending time in prayer! I miss you guys!

This week you will have two assignments. Your first assignment will be due this Wednesday by 3:00pm. On Wednesday I will post your next assignment that will be due by Friday.

First assignment due Wednesday by 3:00

Using the lesson you previously read, (lesson 1 from chapter 17) you are going to compare and contrast the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Include the causes of the revolutions and the effects of the revolutions. You can write it in paragraph form or you can create a chart. Please include as much information as you can find from your textbooks.

If you have any questions, just send me an email!


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18Mar, 20

March 16-20


Email: [email protected]

Hey 6th grade! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! I just wanted to remind you that we serve a mighty God who is always in control even when it may seem like things are too big for control. Nothing is too big or too great for our God!

You all should be finished with your papers for your social studies fair and should just have your boards left to finish. Please be working on your boards during this time at home and get them completed.

We are going to start our next chapter since you all are almost done with the social studies fair requirements.

This week’s assignment:

Due Friday March 20th

We will begin Chapter 17 this week. This week’s assignment will be to read Chapter 17 lesson 1 pages 564-569. You will then type a fact sheet that includes 3 facts for EACH section that is in RED LETTERS. There are a total of four sections in lesson 1 which means you should have a total of 12 facts on your fact sheet.

When you complete it please email it to me. If you don’t have a computer to type it on you can write it and have your parents take a picture and email it to me from their phones.

If you have questions or need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me through email.


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09Mar, 20

March 9- March 12

Exam Week

Thursday: Exam

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02Mar, 20

March 2-6

Monday- Wednesday: Work on Board Games in class

Thursday and Friday: Work on Exam Review

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18Feb, 20

Week of February 17-21

Tuesday: Complete Chapter 14 lesson 4 review #1-6 if not completed in class
Wednesday: Complete Chapter 14 Review if not completed in class
Friday: Chapter 14 Test
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10Feb, 20

February 10-14


Monday: Work on Chapter 14 vocab

Tuesday: Complete Chapter 14 vocab

Wednesday: Chapter 14 vocab due

Thursday: Chapter 14 vocab quiz

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03Feb, 20

February 3-7

Monday: Review for vocab quiz

Tuesday: Chapter 12 vocabulary quiz

Wednesday: Complete Chapter 12 Review if not completed in class

Friday: Take Chapter 12 Test

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