Ms. Astrid Acevedo – Spanish II

20Sep, 20

Week of September 21-25


Bible verse quiz – Wednesday, September 22nd  

Pre-test quiz – Thursday, September 24th 

Test on Capitulo 1A – Monday, September 28th

 Bible Verse of the Week:  

“Todo lo puedo en Christo que me fortalece.”

Filipenses 4:13

For test prep/extra practice: Guided practice workbook – pages 25-32 (To keep terms organized & flashcards with pictures to help study)  


lunes – Reading comprehension on short introductions 

  • Personal introduction review
  • Cultural foundation – Latin dances

martes – Repaso del capitulo/Chapter review

  • Preparation for upcoming quiz on Thursday
  • Organization of notes, quizzes, activities
  • Create a list of things we may need more review on
  • Core practice workbook – page 20
  • Guided Practice workbook – page 21

miercoles –  Bible Verse Quiz  

  • Introduction to capitulo 1B
  • Frida Kahlo

jueves – Pre-test Quiz

  • Pre-test quiz 
  • Review quiz questions together on smartboard in preparation for upcoming test next Monday

viernes – Retreat

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11Sep, 20

Week of September 14-18



Mini Quiz (Vocabulary Page 26 & 27) – Wednesday, September 16th  

Country Poster Project – Thursday, September 17th  

Test II on Capituló 1A – Wednesday, September 23rd  



lunes – Gramática – Expressing agreement or disagreement Page 38  

  • Answer questions using phrases “A  también.” and “A  tampoco.” 
  • Exercise 18 & 19 – Page 38 
  • Core Workbook – Page 19 
  • Guided Practice Workbook – Page 36 


martes – Pronunciación – The vowels a, e, and i Page 39 

  • ¿Comprendes? Exercise – Page 41  


miercoles – Mini Quiz (Vocabulary Page 26 & 27)  

Repaso del capítulo – Review of Chapter 1A 

  • Review the vocabulary and grammar from chapter 1A – Page 46 & 47  
  • Core Workbook – Pages 20 & 21  
  • Test Review packet  


jueves – Country poster project due  

  • Turn in and begin poster presentations  


viernes – Country poster project presentations  

  • Continue poster presentations  
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07Sep, 20

Week of September 7-11



Test 1 “Para empezar”  

Pages 1-24  


Country Poster Project  

Due September/Septiembre 17th  


Week Overview:  

lunes – ¡No escuela  

Labor Day  

martes – Test 1 Review Day  

Realidades – Para Empezar Pages 1-24   

  • Repaso del capitulo – Pages 23-24  
  • Core workbook – Pages 10-12  

miercoles – Test 1   

Review Cognados – Pages 34-35  

  • Words that look alike and have similar meanings in English and Spanish, recognizing cognates in text 

jueves – Gramatica Negatives Page 36-37 

  • Creating negative sentences using “no” 
  • Answer a question negatively in Spanish 
  • Exercise 16 & 17 – Page 37 
  • Core Workbook – Page 18 

viernes – Gramatica – Expressing agreement or disagreement Page 38 

  • Answer questions using phrases tambien or tampoco 
  • Core Workbook – Page 19 
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31Aug, 20

Week of August 31 – September 4

Bible Verse of the Week: Hebrews 11:1

Versículo de la Biblia de la semana: Hebreos 11:1

“La fe es la confianza de que en verdad sucederá lo que esperamos.”

Hebreos 11:1


Week Overview:

lunes – Review Vocabulario en contexto & Vocabulario en uso pages 26 – 31

Read, listen to, and understand information about activities people like and don’t like to do

Exercise 6, 7, 8 pages 30 & 31


martes – pre-test quiz review packet 

Introduction to Gramatica – Infinitives

Verbs, sorting and understanding -ar, -ir, -er endings

Exercise 9, 10, & 11 pages 32-33


miercoles – pre-test quiz

Continue Infinitives

Page 17 in core practice workbook


jueves – Introduce Cognates (Cognados)

Words that look alike and have similar meanings in English and Spanish, recognizing cognates in text

Exercise 14 page 35

Introduce Gramatica – Negatives page 36


viernes – Bible Quiz: Hebrews 11:1

Begin first assessment review

Test/Assessment 1 – Wednesday September 2nd

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18Aug, 20

Parent Letter/Week of August 17-21

Week of August 17-21

Friday: Bible Memory Verse Quiz:

“Dios no nos ha dado un espíritu de temor, sino de poder y de amor y de una mente sana.”

2 Timoteo 1:7


¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos!

My name is Astrid Acevedo. I am so blessed, excited, and honored to be the Spanish teacher at First Baptist Christian School for the 2020-2021 school year.

I am a first year teacher and I am so excited to begin this journey God has laid out for me.


About Me

I was born in Honduras, but grew up in Louisiana since I was a month old! I graduated from Salmen High School in 2013. I graduated from LSU in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After graduating, I taught English as a second language online for 2 years. God has always led me to ministry with children and I have a genuine gift and heart for them. I have babysat, nannied, taught Sunday school, volunteered at local public schools, and more. I recently got engaged to my high school sweetheart on November 18th, 2019. We pray Covid ends soon so we can continue forward with our wedding plans. We have 2 cats and a husky that we spoil and love so much.



⁃    Jesus

⁃    Candy

⁃    Coffee

⁃    Traveling

⁃    Saints Football

⁃    LSU Football

⁃    Huskies & Cats

⁃    Purple


I cannot wait to grow alongside the students this year. Despite the worldly circumstances lately, God has shined through with blessings and love. This school year will be amazing!




⁃    Follow all school rules and guidelines

⁃    Follow all safety protocols

⁃    Come to class prepared and ready to learn

⁃    Participation is key

⁃    Be kind

⁃    Be respectful

⁃    Love one another

⁃    Do your best

⁃    Have fun

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected].

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

“Dios no nos ha dado un espíritu de temor, sino de poder y de amor y de una mente sana.”

2 Timoteo 1:7

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