Ms. Tiauni Julien – Reading 8

25Sep, 20

Homework 9/25/2020


Students should study for their test on Monday!!! Study Guide posted here Test #6 Study Guide and on Google Classroom.

This will be the last test before exams!!

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24Sep, 20

Upcoming for the Remainder of the 9 weeks

Test #6 on Monday (September 28) worth 100 points

Exam worth 200 points

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24Sep, 20

Homework 9/24/2020

Today we started reading Mr. Brownlee’s Roses in class. Tomorrow we will be reviewing for our test on Monday. Students should study notes for review.

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21Sep, 20

Homework 9/21/2020

The students just completed their fifth reading test today. They do not have reading homework tonight. If the students want a head start on tomorrow’s class, they can take a glance at This Fam for Sale.

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18Sep, 20

Study Guide for Test on 9/21/2020

8th Grade Study Guide  Study guides are due on Monday.

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17Sep, 20

Homework 9/17/2020

Students were given their study guide for their test on Monday in class today. Tomorrow they will receive the correct answers. Students should study tonight for POP Quiz tomorrow to help prepare them for Monday’s test.

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16Sep, 20

Homework 9/16/2020

Today in class we read the short story, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”. For homework, students were assigned the quick review and in-depth thinking questions on page 152.

Tomorrow, we will begin reading Fire and the students will begin their study guide for their test on Monday.

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11Sep, 20

Homework 9/11/2020

Students should complete the questions given to them in class and upload them to Google Classroom.

Please view my lesson plans to see what we will be doing next week.

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10Sep, 20

Dear Parents,

If your child is absent, I inform them on the day they return of the assignments they need to complete; HOWEVER, they are ultimately responsible for completing the assignments and turning them in. Many students will have zeros in Headmaster after this week for failure to turn in an assignment or to take a quiz. I have attempted to tell all students what they were missing in my class for four weeks. I will no longer do this. Please stay on top of them to complete assignments and turn them in on their due date.


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10Sep, 20

Homework 9/10/2020

Students should complete homework assignment on Google Classroom in reference to the short story No Talent Kid.

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04Sep, 20

Homework 9/7/2020-9/11/2020

Student should STUDY their reading study guide in preparation for midterms on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Midterms are 100 points.

On Tuesday we will do a thorough review, so if your child has any additional questions about the material, Tuesday is the day to ask.

There will be no vocab on the midterm.

On Thursday the students will start reading The No Talent Kid.

Students should expect a quiz on the short story on Friday.

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03Sep, 20

Homework 9/3/2020

Reading- students are creating their study guide for their reading midterm on Wednesday 9/9/2020. The midterm will be 100 points. The  study guide is worth 25 points

Their midterm will cover: The Sea Devil, Accounts Settled, The Last Leaf, The Countess and The Impossible, A Man Who Had No Eyes, and Charles.

Tomorrow students will be given the vocab words they need to study for the midterm.


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02Sep, 20

Homework 9/2/2020

Students should complete reading Charles for homework. They must complete the worksheet that was put on Google Classroom. They will have a pop quiz on the short story tomorrow.

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01Sep, 20

Homework 9/1/2020

Students should study their study guide for homework, as they will have a test on The Countess and the Impossible and A Man Who Had No Eyes tomorrow.

I will post the correct answers at 6pm on Google Classroom.

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21Aug, 20

Week Three

8th Grade Reading Lesson Plan

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17Aug, 20

Lesson Plan 8/17-8/21

8th Grade Reading Week Two

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13Aug, 20

Homework 8/13/2020

Students are working from Google Classroom today. They are supposed to finish the individual class assignment. If they do not have access to google classroom, they are to email me at [email protected] or turn in the assignment to me in person.

Please click this link to access the assignment Class Assignment

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12Aug, 20

Homework 8/12/2020

The homework for tonight is for each student to answer the following questions to the best of your ability based on The Sea Devil. Each question is worth 2 points and the overall points for this assignment is 12 points. The Sea Devil

This assignment was posted on Google Classroom for students to complete. If for some reason  your student is having trouble accessing Google Classroom, they email me their answers or write them on loose leaf paper and turn it in tomorrow.

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11Aug, 20

Homework 8/11/2020

Students should review The Hunger Games in preparation for test tomorrow.

Students should also review vocabulary for The Sea Devil as we will begin reading tomorrow.

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10Aug, 20

The Hunger Games Summer Reading

While I am very excited to meet my 8th Grade students on Tuesday, I encourage everyone to review the Hunger Games novel as we will be taking a test on the novel on Wednesday,  August 12, 2020. If the student would like to prepare for class this week, they can begin reading the short stories on my lesson plan for this week.

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10Aug, 20

Temperature Form

Parents please make sure your child brings a signed form to school by Friday August 14, 2020.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

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07Aug, 20

8th Grade Reading

Please Click this Link to view 8th Grade LP Week One

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05Aug, 20

Julien Parent Letter

Click the link to open up the Parent Letter!

Welcome Letter

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