Ms. Tiauni Julien – English/Reading 6

19Nov, 20


Tomorrow: Christmas Grams are due! Spelling test tomorrow and spelling pages are due!

When we return to school there will be no spelling the remainder of the nine weeks. Spelling will restart next year, January 3.

For the final exam, students should begin studying Unit 4 and Unit 5.

The language test has been pushed until after Thanksgiving break.

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16Nov, 20


What we did today: Pages 65 and 66 in language book. We wrote Lesson 13 spelling words 5x each. We also took notes on theme.

Homework: Spelling pages 49- 52, complete pages 65 and 66, study vocab for test on Wednesday

Upcoming: Vocab Test on Wednesday. Language Test on Friday.

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13Nov, 20

Test on Wednesday

Students will have a reading vocabulary test on Wednesday and a language test either Thursday or Friday.

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10Nov, 20


Homework: Spelling pages 41-44. Reading assignment on The Croods is due Thursday. Spelling Test is on Friday.

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09Nov, 20


Today in class we started Lesson 11 in spelling and covered page 57 in language. The students their first writing assignment on The Croods.

The students were tasked to write at least one page about the characters and characterization of the movie. (How do the characters evolve? What type of person is each character? Who is dynamic, static, flat or round?) This is due Thursday.

The students need to complete Lesson 11 spelling pages by Friday. Spelling test Friday. Midterm is Monday, November 16, 2020. Students will receive a study guide on Wednesday. I will post it here. I did not give a test today.

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05Nov, 20


Spelling Test on Lesson, and spelling pages 37-40 are due tomorrow.

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04Nov, 20


Homework: Spelling pages 37-40. Spelling Test on Friday. Students were given 5 questions in reading. In language, students need to complete page 54 and 56.

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02Nov, 20


Homework: Language pages 51 and 52. Reading- students have to find one simile in the short story One Writer’s Beginning.

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26Oct, 20


Today the students took their reading and english test, no homework tonight. We will be starting Unit 4 in the language book. Students can also begin Lesson 10 in spelling. Spelling pages 37-40 are due Friday.

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23Oct, 20


Due Dates: On Monday, October 26, 2020, students will have a reading and english test. Their poems on an inventor is also due. (Please see my post from Tuesday, Oct. 20, for Poem info)

The correct answers for “The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle” are here The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle Answers

Homework: Students will need to study their homework and their bell ringer assignments for the reading test on Monday. Students should also study comma rules 1-5 for their test on Monday. For extra language practice, your student can complete this worksheet Language Practice. After completion, the correct answers are here Language Answers

Please spend the weekend studying!!!


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22Oct, 20


Due Dates:  Pictures for the poems need to turned in tomorrow for a class assignment. They have to be printed. Poems are due Monday, October 26, 2020. Tomorrow the students will have a quiz on reading and english, a spelling test, and spelling pages 33-36. Monday, October 26, 2020, students will have a test in reading and english. The reading test will be on the homework and bell ringer assignments. The english test will require students to demonstrate their knowledge of comma rules 1-5. They should study their work book homework and notes from class. I will post practice work for the students to do tomorrow. Reading Notes

Homework: The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle Homework and page 48 in the language book.

What We Did Today: We read “The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle” and took notes. We started page 48 in language class.

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21Oct, 20


Due Dates:  Poems are due Monday, October 26 2020 | Reading Quiz on Friday October 23, 2020 | Language Quiz on Friday October 23, 2020 |  Spelling Test is Friday, October 23, 2020 | Spelling Pages 33-36 due Friday, October 23, 2020 | Bell Ringers are due Friday, October 23, 2020

Homework: Garrett A. Morgan Homework and Page 47 in the language book.

What we did in class: Today we read and took notes on Garrett A. Morgan. Bell Ringer #6 was to define all 7 vocab words for Garrett A Morgan. We also covered page 46 in the language book.

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20Oct, 20


In class we began taking notes on The Microscope. The students received their poetry assignment that is due Monday October 26, 2020.

Poem One

Students will have a reading quiz on Friday on the two stories we read this week. They will also have a language quiz on Friday.

For English homework, students were assigned page 45 in their language books. Students should also complete pages 33-36 in spelling book. They will have a spelling test on Friday as well.

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19Oct, 20


Today in class the students completed Test #1 of the nine weeks. They also began taking notes on characterization. Students were all required to write their spelling words from Lesson 9 (pages 3-36) 5x each. They will have a spelling test on Friday. Spelling pages 33-36 are due on Friday.


Study Tip: Students should review their notes from today for 15-20 minutes to assist them throughout the week. Quizzes will be on notes. Test are on Monday. Students should review their class notes EVERY night!!

Tomorrow the students will be assigned a poetry assignment that will be due on Friday.

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16Oct, 20


Today in class the students took their reading and language quiz. They also took a spelling test. Students need to study for their reading test on Monday. Their homework and bell ringer assignments are the study guide for the test.

Next week we will be starting Lesson 9 in Spelling.

For Extra Practice:

Let Them Have Cake- Language Practice


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15Oct, 20


Today in class we read No Medals for Mary. Students were given time in class to complete the homework assignment. No Medals for Mary Homework

The students have a reading quiz worth 50 points tomorrow. Students should study their notes from the class to prepare for the quiz. Students should study their homework and bell ringer assignments to prepare for their test. Students have also been told to bring an AR book to class tomorrow. I will be encouraging the students to take at least one test every other week.

We also reviewed the language homework from last night. The students were informed to study language notes and pages 38-43 to prepare for their language quiz tomorrow. They will also have a spelling test tomorrow on Lesson 8. Spelling pages 29-32 are due tomorrow. Students have been assigned page 43 for homework.


Is your child struggling with Reading or English? Tomorrow I will post practice pages for your child to complete as well as the correct answers for the parents to ensure they are understanding the assignments thoroughly. If they need additional help, do not hesitate to email me. 

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14Oct, 20


Today in class we reviewed the short story, “The King of Mazy May”. The students were informed that they will have a quiz on Friday. They will have their reading test on Monday. Tomorrow we will be reading “No Medals for Mary”. In English, we reviewed pages 39 and 41. The students were assigned page 42 in class. If it is not complete, it will be homework. They will have an english quiz on Friday. Lastly, students are responsible for completing pages 29-32 in spelling and will have a spelling test on Friday.

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13Oct, 20


Today in Reading, students answered a bell ringer upon entering class. Bell Ringer #1

For homework, students have been asked to answer The King of Mazy May Homework and complete the story (pages 189-193).

For language, we complete page 39 in class. For homework, the students have been assigned page 41.

Students were given ample time to complete assignments today, so some students may not have homework. Tomorrow in class the students will receive the correct answers.

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12Oct, 20


In class today the students took notes on literary devices, Literary Notes Part 1 Literary Notes Part 2 . The students also defined the vocabulary for the short story, “The King of Mazy May”. We will be reading this story tomorrow in class. I will give the homework out  to the students and post it online. Students will now be able to study their homework and bell ringers from class to prepare for their test as I have changed the format to the test. Students should expect a quiz on Thursday or Friday in reading. They will have a reading test on Monday.

For English, we began taking notes on Unit 3. Comma Notes Part 1  Students are responsible for spelling pages 29-32 this week. They will have a spelling test on Friday and their spelling pages are due Friday.

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05Oct, 20

What to Expect

6th grade has their exam on Tuesday.

For the second nine weeks, to keep the students and myself on the same page, I have written up the stories we will be covering as well as the language units we will be discussing. This nine weeks I will get the students on a more consistent schedule with homework assignments and quizzes. I hope that seeing what the second nine weeks has in store will keep all of my students on track and prepared.

6th Grade English Second Nine Weeks

6th Grade Reading Second Nine Weeks

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01Oct, 20

Exam Tuesday 10/6/2020

Students should study their study guides from the last two test:



Study-Guide-for-Test-Tomorrow (3)

If the students study this, they will in fact, pass the exam with an A!!!!


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29Sep, 20


Tomorrow 6th grade has a reading test, open book, on: Moon Tiger, Rum Tum Tigger, Grandma Ling, My Furthest Back Person, and The Dying Detective. They should study the study guide on my website and look over the stories.

They will have a capitalization quiz in class tomorrow as well.

No spelling for this week or next week!!!

Portfolio assignments are due Wednesday, October 7th, 2020.

Their reading exam is Tuesday, October 6th, 2020.

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29Sep, 20

Study Guide for Test Tomorrow

Study Guide for Test Tomorrow

The students had the option to either take their test Thursday or take an open book test on Wednesday. They all opted for an open book test on Wednesday. Here is a study guide for them to study tonight.

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28Sep, 20

Homework 9/28/2020

Reading: Students should complete their bell ringer. I will have the study guide for Wednesday’s test posted tonight by 7 p.m. The last day to take an A.R. test is Wednesday, October 7.

English: Students should complete their journal entry. Portfolios are due Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020 for 100 points! This is an easy assignments all students are required to do. The students have a language quiz on Wednesday, September 30.

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25Sep, 20

Homework 9/25/2020

Reading: Students should study their vocab for the short stories we’ve read this week. Their reading test will be Wednesday (September 30). We will be reviewing material all week to prepare for the exam and the last test. I will post the test study guide this weekend. Family Trees are due Tuesday for 50 points.


English: Students should complete pages 34-37 for homework. We will be learning about commas on Monday and Tuesday. The remainder of the week will be a deep review for the exam.

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24Sep, 20

Upcoming for the Remainder of the 9 weeks


Reading Test on Wednesday (September 30) worth 100 points

Family Tree worth 50 points

Exam worth 100 points



Portfolio worth 100 points

Classwork/Quizzes/Homework worth 100 points

Exam worth 100 points


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24Sep, 20

Homework 9/24/2020

Reading: After reading, “My Furthest Back Person”, the students were assigned to create a family tree. Their family tree should go back to their great grandparents, including their names. year born, year of death, and ethnicity/nationality. This is due Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Students should complete defining vocabulary from My Furthest Back Person and The Dying Detective.

Language- Pages 32 and 33 are homework. Spelling pages 25-28 are due TOMORROW!!! The students will take a spelling test on Lesson 7 TOMORROW!!!

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21Sep, 20

Homework 9/21/2020

Reading: Students do not have any reading homework. If they want to be an over achiever, tomorrow in class we will be reading Grandma Ling (page 133), Moon Tiger (149), and Rum Tugger (152).

English: Spelling pages 25-28 are due on Friday. They will have a spelling test on Lesson 7 spelling words on Friday. Tonight’s language homework is pages 27-29 on capitalization.

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18Sep, 20

Study Guide for Test on 9/21/2020

Study guides are due on Monday. Week 7 Study Guide 6TH GRADE

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17Sep, 20

Homework 9/17/2020

Reading: Today the students received their study guides for their test on Monday. Tomorrow we will be reviewing and the correct answers will be given for the test. Students should expect a POP Quiz tomorrow to prepare them for Monday as well.

English: Lesson 4 and 5 spelling test is TOMORROW!!! Spelling pages 13-20 will be checked tomorrow. Students should also review 20-26 in their language books for language quiz tomorrow. Their Creative Writing Assignment is due TOMORROW!!!

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16Sep, 20

Homework 9/16/2020

Reading: The students read “The Empty Box” in class today. For homework, the students have been instructed to write a letter to a company ordering an item as a birthday gift. This assignment will be read out loud tomorrow in class. Tomorrow we will begin creating a study guide for their test on Monday.

English: Students were given pages 24-26 to complete in class. Tomorrow I will check to see if all students completed pages 21-26 in their language books. They will have a quiz on Friday on the material covered in the pages 21-26. Students were given time in class to complete pages 13-20 in spelling book. They will have a spelling test on Friday on Lesson 4 and Lesson 5. Also, the creative writing assignment is due on Friday!!

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11Sep, 20

Homework 9/11/2020

Today we read the short story, The Gold Coin, in class. Based on these notes Characterization Notes, the students are responsible for making a list of all of the characters, writing the direct and indirect characterization for each character, and identifying whether the character is dynamic, round, flat, or static. This will be due on Monday.

Also, the students received their creative writing assignments in class today. It is due on September 18, 2020. I will not accept any late assignments.

If the students completed pages 21-23 in their language book they have no homework. However, they should study in preparation for a quiz on Wednesday.

Students are also responsible for spelling pages 13-20 this week. On Friday, September 18, 2020, they will have a spelling test on Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 spelling words.

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10Sep, 20

Creative Writing Assingment

7th Grade Creative Writing Assignment

6th Grade Creative Writing Assignment

Students will be instructed to add a few requirements to this form tomorrow in class, however, this is the assignment.

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10Sep, 20

Dear Parents,

If your child is absent, I inform them on the day they return of the assignments they need to complete; HOWEVER, they are ultimately responsible for completing the assignments and turning them in. Many students will have zeros in Headmaster after this week for failure to turn in an assignment or to take a quiz. I have attempted to tell all students what they were missing in my class for four weeks. I will no longer do this. Please stay on top of them to complete assignments and turn them in on their due date.


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10Sep, 20

Homework 9/10/2020

Students should complete their poem tonight for homework. There is no language homework; students should just study their notes, as there will be a quiz next Wednesday.

The students will receive their next creative writing assignments tomorrow. They will have a week to complete it.

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04Sep, 20

Homework 9/7/2020-9/11/2020

Student should STUDY their reading study guide and all language notes in preparation for midterms on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Midterms are 100 points.

On Tuesday we will do a thorough review, so if your child has any additional questions about the material, Tuesday is the day to ask.

There will be no vocab on the midterm.

I will not be giving a spelling midterm, only reading and english.

On Thursday the students will start reading The Adventures of Isabel and will receive a new creative writing assignment.

Students should expect a quiz on the short story on Friday. Spelling pages 13-16 will be due on Friday, 9/11/2020, and students will have a test on Lesson 4 spelling.

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03Sep, 20

Homework 9/3/2020

Reading- students are creating their study guide for their reading midterm on Wednesday 9/9/2020.

Their midterm will cover: Phoebe and the General, The Wounded Wolf, Across Five Aprils, The Race, Dear Miss Veloshin, The Story of Iqbal Masih, and The Great Detective.

Tomorrow students will be given the vocab words they need to study for the midterm.


English- The creative writing assignment is due TOMORROW!! I have told the students I will NOT accept the assignment late, as they were informed of the assignment on August 27, 2020. If the student is absent, I expect the assignment the day they return. All of my students are aware of this assignment and its due date. It is worth 50 points.

Students should also study for their spelling test tomorrow. Spelling pages 9-12 are due tomorrow.

Students will also have a midterm for English which will cover: the four types of sentences, simple sentences, subjects and verbs, compound subjects, compound verbs, compound sentences, and sentence diagraming.

We will be reviewing in Reading and English for the next few days to ensure the students are prepared for the test. The midterm is worth 100 points.

Please remind your children to read books and take AR test. AR is 100 points as well and will be input on headmaster that last week of the nine weeks.

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02Sep, 20

Homework 9/2/2020

Tonight students should read the short story The Great Detective and answer Quick Review questions 1-4, and Creative Writing #1 on page 94 in their reading book.

For language, the students have a language quiz tomorrow. For homework they should study, complete page 17 and on a separate sheet of paper, diagram all of the sentences on page 17.

The quiz will be compound subjects, compound verbs, identifying simple sentences, identifying compound sentences, creating compound sentences, and diagraming compound sentences.


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01Sep, 20

Homework 9/1/2020

Students should study for Reading test tomorrow on Dear Miss Veloshin and The Story of Iqbal Masih. They should also study vocabulary for stories.

The language quiz has been pushed to Thursday. Students should finish their creative writing assignments, they are due Friday 9/4/2020.

Spelling pages 9-12 are due Friday and Lesson 3 test will be Friday.


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31Aug, 20

Homework 8/31

Students should complete their study guide for reading tonight, as it will be checked for completion tomorrow.

Spelling pages 9-12 are due Friday. There will be a spelling test on Lesson 3 this week.

Creative writing assignment is due Friday. Students will receive bonus points if turned in early.

Page 15 in Language books should be completed tonight.

There will be a reading test on Wednesday and a language quiz.

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30Aug, 20

Upcoming Week 4

This week students should study Monday and Tuesday night to prepare for Reading Test on Wednesday.

Students will be reading The Great Detective, The Adventures of Isabel, and The Gold Coin.

Students should prepare for a pop quizz this week in Reading

Students should study for a quiz in English on Wednesday 9/2/2020

The next English test will be 9/9/2020

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21Aug, 20

Week Three

6th Grade Reading Lesson Plan

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21Aug, 20

Homework 8/27/2020 and 8/28/2020

Thursday night: Students should study for Across Five Aprils and The Race test tomorrow. They should also finish Guided Reading due 8/28/2020 The Story of Iqbal Masih Homework

Students should complete Page 10 in language book (1-10) and page 12 (1-6).

Students should create a flier that will attract people to attend a rally such as the ones which Iqbal spoke. Due 8/31/2020

Creative writing assignment due 9/4/2020

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21Aug, 20

Week Three

Monday students will be taking a test on Across Five Aprils and The Race. They should study vocabulary as well to prepare.

We will begin reading The Story of Iqbal Masih on Monday, with guided reading questions for homework.

On Wednesday we will start reading Dear Miss Veloshin, with guided reading questions for homework.

Please see the upload section for the questions to be posted this weekend, just in case students want to get started early.

Students will have reading homework everyday this upcoming week.

We will be beginning Lesson 3 in the language book this upcoming week as well. Students will have homework daily this upcoming week and should expect a quiz sometime this week.


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20Aug, 20

Homework 8/20/2020

Students need to complete the questions for the short story: The Race Guided Reading Homework

Students should study for spelling test Tomorrow! Also, spelling pages 5-8 are due tomorrow.

We will be reviewing Across Five Aprils and The Race as a class tomorrow, in preparation for their test on Monday.


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19Aug, 20

Homework 8/19/2020

Students should define vocab for The Race and finish reading the short story.

Students should study all english notes for test tomorrow.

Spelling test will be Friday. Pages 5-8 are due.

Students should finish Bell Ringer. They will be checked Friday.

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18Aug, 20

Homework 8/18/2020

tStudents should study Lesson 2 spelling words and complete pages 5-8 in their spelling book.

Students should finish their Bell Ringer (5 sentence summary about Across Five Aprils). This will be checked Friday!

Students should also write 7 sentences using verbs on page 6 in their language books, as well as completing page 7.

All test that were returned and letters should be signed by a parent/guardian and returned tomorrow.

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17Aug, 20

Lesson Plans 8/17-8/21

6th Grade Language Week Two

6th Grade Reading Week Two

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17Aug, 20

Homework 8/17/2020

The student should read “Across Five Aprils” in their reading book.

They also should identify the Complete Subject, Simple Subject, Complete Predicate, and Simple Predicate in the five sentences 6th Grade English Homework.

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13Aug, 20

Homework 8/13/2020

Students are responsible for completing spelling book pages 1-4. They will have a Spelling Test TOMORROW!!!

Students are also responsible for completing 16 sentences in reference to the elements of a sentence. They have a language quiz tomorrow!

Students should have completed two Bell Ringer assignments for this week. They will be checked for completion tomorrow morning!


For my home school students: please email me at [email protected] to receive a study guide for Monday’s Test on Phoebe and the General and The Wounded Wolf

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12Aug, 20

Homework 8/12/2020

Tonight 6th Grade students are responsible for writing 12 sentences in reference to the four types of sentences. They should also finish reading Phoebe and the General. Spelling pages 1-4 will be due on Friday and they should expect a spelling test Friday as well.  There will be an English Quiz tomorrow!!!

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11Aug, 20

Homework 8/11/2020

Students are responsible for completing pages 1-4 in Spelling work book. This will be checked on Friday. Students should also be prepared for a spelling test on Friday.

Students should review the vocabulary and notes they have on The Wounded Wolf in preparation for Quiz tomorrow.

Students should complete pages 2 and 3 in their language book for homework tonight.

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10Aug, 20

Homework 8/10/2020

Today was AMAZING! For homework, students are responsible for completing Quick Review questions 1-4 in their reading book and Creative Writing question #1 for homework, in reference to the short story The Wounded Wolf. Also, spelling pages 1-4 are due on Friday. Students should review all notes from class in preparation for a quiz on Wednesday.

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10Aug, 20

Temperature Form

Parents please make sure your child brings a signed form to school by Friday August 14, 2020.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

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07Aug, 20

6th Grade Reading

Please Click this Link for 6th Grade Reading Lesson Plan Week One 6th Reading

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07Aug, 20

6th Grade ELA

Please Click this link for the 6th Grade English Lesson Plan Week One 6th ELA

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05Aug, 20

Julien Parent Letter

Click the link to open up the Parent Letter!

Welcome Letter

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