Nov. 14 – 18, 2022

By November 13, 2022 Ms. Christie Stadler


Eagle Store – Wednesdays at lunch

Kids’ Club – This Tuesday, 3:20 – 4:30.  The kids may wear their Kids’ Club t-shirts with uniform bottoms, if they want.

No chapel on Wed. this week.

Thanksgiving chapel and party – This Friday, Nov. 18th, we have chapel at 1:30.  Our class is presenting “The First Thanksgiving”.  After chapel, we will have our Thanksgiving party in the classroom.  We hope you can come to chapel—sorry, no siblings at the party.

Thanksgiving Break – Nov. 21 – 25 – School closed

Monday:  Callie
Tuesday:  Hayden
Wednesday: Lyric
Thursday:   Cora
Friday:   surplus



Tuesday:    Writing, Reading Comp
Wednesday:   Math – writing answers to combinations, writing sums and differences, story problems, read thermometers, tell time to the half hour, measure lines, one dozen

Thursday:  Phonics – written test –write blends, write the special sound in words, circle special sounds in words, words from Spelling List 11; Spelling Test on Spelling List 11 (see below)

Bible:  No Bible tests this week.  We are practicing for our play, “The First Thanksgiving”, which we will present on Friday in chapel at 1:30. 

Math:  Practice Addition and Subtraction Families 1 – 8 and Addition Family 9; combining dimes, nickels, and pennies (count by tens, fives, and ones—always start with the highest value coin first); telling time to the hour and half hour; measures; place value (ones, tens, and hundreds place); one half and one whole; one dozen and one half dozen, thermometer; review Arithmetic worksheets.

Phonics/Spelling:  Practice Charts 6 – 10; practice blends and words with special sounds in Handbook for Reading; say short and long vowel words to your child and have him/her sound them out and write them; call out words from Handbook and have your child write the special sound in the words; practice Spelling words every day (have child write words as you dictate them or spell them to you orally).

Spelling List 11 (for this week’s tests):  oil, boil, spoil, join, moist, noise, point, boy, joy, toy, proud, blow, skirt, many, would

Spelling List 12 (to be introduced Thurs. for next tests):  book, look, good, foot, wood, shook, boot, food, loose, moon, room, roof, tooth, have, give

Language:   Students are still classifying sentences, listing the noun in the sentence, and determining if nouns are singular or plural/common or proper.  Students need to practice writing sentences correctly, with capitals and periods/question marks.

Reading:  See the reading calendar for nightly homework.

Writing: If your child is not earning A’s in Handwriting, please have him/her practice printing.  He/she could write the spelling words–it would be good practice for spelling as well as writing.

Science:  No homework.

Social Studies:  No homework   

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