Nov. 16 – 20, 2020

SNACKS: 15 students
Monday:   Bobby

Tuesday:  T.J.
Wednesday:  Harper
Thursday:  Floyd
Friday:  Sarah

TESTS AND HOMEWORK – NOV. 16 – 20, 2020

Wednesday:  Reading Comp

Thursday:   Phonics – written test –write blends, write the special sound in words, circle special sounds in words, words from Spelling List 9; Spelling – List 9
​Friday:  Bible verse and story tests; Language test

Bible:   This week’s memory verse is Psalm 34:19  “Many adversities come to the one who is righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.”  The Bible stories are Joseph’s Dreams (Genesis 37:1-11) and Joseph Sold (Gen. 37:12-35).

Phonics/Spelling:  Practice Charts 6 – 9; practice blends and words with special sounds in Handbook for Reading; dictate words from each chart and have your child write the special sound(s) in the words (I can check their work, if you want); practice Spelling words every day (have child write words as you dictate them or spell them to you orally).  We made flashcards for charts 8 and 9, so you can help your child practice these clue words and special sounds.

We are also working on suffix rules, adding suffixes to root words.

Spelling List 9 (for test on Thurs.) – round, shout, cloud, south, cow, now, down, brown, clown, crown, town, slow, snow, what, was, when
Spelling List 10 (to be introduced Thurs. for next week’s test) – her, serve, purse, burn, curl, turn, dirt, first, girl, sir, stir, shirt, third, what, who, where

Language:  We are working on Chap. 6 – classifying sentences and rewriting sentences correctly.  They are to write the capitalization rule numbers they use when rewriting the sentences correctly.  I will send home the Chapter Check-up sheet before Friday for review.

Reading:  See homework pages on the reading homework calendar.  Don’t forget to initial each date after you listen to your child read.


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