November 14-18, 2022

By November 11, 2022 Mrs. Kathryn Milton

November 14-18, 2022

Study Guide Bible Lesson 13: Thanksgiving


Memory Verse: Hebrews 13:15 Therefore through him let us continually offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, that is, the fruit of the lips that confess his name.  

  1. Thanksgiving is important because it reflects a relationship with God, a reliance on God, and rest in God.
  2. God’s chosen people in the Old Testament gave Him thank offerings to voluntarily show their gratitude for His person, power, and to celebrate with friends and family what the Lord had done.
  3. Jesus offered Himself as one sacrifice for all sins.
  4. Through Jesus, believers are able to fellowship and have a relationship with God.
  5. Many of the psalms express thanksgiving to God.
  6. A psalm is a poem or praise to God that is said or sung.
  7.  A psalmist is an author or writer of psalms.
  8. Christians are to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  9. Jonah showed faith while still in the belly of the fish by declaring that God had already answered him.
  10. It is possible to give thanks during a hard situation. This is illustrated in Jonah’s story – while Jonah was still in the belly of the great fish, in faith he offered a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God. The same illustration can be found in Hannah’s story – Hannah cried out to God in honesty during a difficult time and worshiped Him. She was thankful to God for His promise of a son, even though the promise was not yet fulfilled.
  11. In faith and thanksgiving Hannah dedicated her son, Samuel, to the Lord to serve under Eli.
  12. Christians should come before the Lord with prayers of thanksgiving in all circumstances, even in difficult trials.
  13. The Bible says to give thanks in every situation since this is God’s will.     (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
  14. A proper attitude during trials is to rejoice in them because they produce patience and completeness. It is also commanded by God.
  15. The giving of thanks during difficult situations, despite conflicting emotions, is a sign of mature faith in God. Rejoicing or thankfulness is more a choice than an emotion.


Spelling Lesson 14

tide – the systematic rise and fall of ocean water, generally occurring every six hours

tied – to have fastened or attached by knotting

ring – 1. a circular band used to hold, hang, or connect things  2. to give a clear tone by moving

wring – squeeze or twist something to extract water

pier – a structure that is built out over a body of water for use as a walkway

peer – 1. to look closely or carefully 2. a person of equal standing with someone else

herd – 1. a large group of animals or people, congregated in one area gather or assemble together

heard – to have perceived a sound or been informed of something

ceiling – 1. the height of the lower part of a cloud covering  2.the top part of a room or object

sealing – 1. Closing something firmly or securely so as to make watertight or airtight 2. fastening something with a seal

patients – individuals who receive medical treatment

patience – the ability to endure waiting, a problem, or a delay without becoming upset

salinity – relating to salt; salt content

intertidal – relating to the region that is between the low tide and high tide zones

coastline – the outline of a coast

anemone – a sea animal that looks like a flower

barnacles – small marine crustaceans that adhere themselves to rocks, ships, wharfs, or ocean animals

organisms – living things

fluctuation – the state of changing back and forth continually, often from high or low levels or from one thing to another

attentive – holding in thought; paying close attention to


Test Schedule

Spelling Pretest – No spelling pretest this week 

Bible: Chapter 13 Wednesday, November 16

Reading Tests – Vocabulary and Story comprehension Friday, Nov. 18

Spelling Definition Test – Thursday, November 11

Spelling Word Test – Friday, November 17

Read and Comprehend Cold Reads – Friday, November 18

Science Chapter 3 Test – Thursday, November 17


Homework: Please check your child’s agenda for daily homework. (i.e., math)

Study for upcoming tests!

Read AR book for 20 minutes each night.

Weekly Focus November 14-18, 2022

Bible – Chapter 13 Thanksgiving

Literature – Gramp

English – Pronouns

Math – Chapter 4 1-Digit Divisors

Science – Cells

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