November 14-18

By November 11, 2022 Mrs. Becca Dorn

Monday—Texas Roadhouse Giftcard Money Due

Wednesday—No Chapel

Eagle Store

Friday—Chapel 1:30; Party 2:30-3:00

Students may wear a Christian t-shirt or Thanksgiving shirt with jeans and school shoes.

November 20-27 Thanksgiving Break

Monday November 28—School Reopens

Wednesday November 30—Pitman’s Class Chapel

Bible Verse— Recite:

Psalm 105:1 Give thanks to the Lord and pray to him. Tell the nations what he has done.

Spelling Words— ch, tch, wh

child       which    chosen       reach

what      where   preacher    pitcher

church  watch    match         write

while     when    lunch           something


Classwork: please do not work ahead

  Bible Reading Language Math Science Spelling Cursive
Monday P 49 P 151-152 Classroom Practice 35 & 36 Speed Drill

P 215-218

P 175-180 P 57 P 74

Due Friday for homework P 75-76

Tuesday P 50 P 153-154


P 155-156

Classroom Practice 37 & 38 P 219-222 Unit Connect P 58 P 77
Wednesday P 51 Comprehension

Test 9

Practice 39 Speed Drill


Play Practice P 59 P 78
Thursday P 52 P 157-158 TEST Oral Review of Skills TEST P60 P 79
Friday TEST

Turn in Packet

P 159-160 Journal Chapel Party Test

Turn in Packet


Turn in Packet


Test Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Speed Drill   Speed Drill



Comprehension Test(no studying required)







Bible Verse


Bible Story






Speed Drill



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